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Cetinje Recreation

The ideal summer afternoon or evening you can spend in Cetinje, and especially pleasant it will be for you will be if you wish to recreate yourself or if you like jogging, sports games, mountain climbing, walking or something else.

That was like that even through history, and about that testify the records that Cetinje and its residents have for centuries nurtured the competitions in skillfulness and physical strength. The most important sport disciplines in Cetinje used to be: shooting with a rifle, high jump, long jump, riding of horses.

ccording to the written documents even today it is known that certain rulers of the dynasty home Petrovic Njegos, were extremely gifted sportsmen. Except for the extreme militancy and Great Spirit rulers like Petar II, Prince Danilo and Nikola I Petrovic, were known as excellent sportsmen and especially very good horse riders. Cetinje used to have very well developed disciplines like: gymnastics, ice – skating, skiing, bicycling, golf, and at the beginning and the middle of the XX century even football.

Even if the usual kinds of recreation are not pleasant for you or you don’t like them in Cetinje you can find different ways of active or unusual ways for pleasing yourself as you think that it is proper to do for your holiday.  As Cetinje is a famous karst area, maybe you didn’t know, but in the vicinity of the town there are several well known pits, and you can enter even in the charms of the speleological researches. Still, before you decide for such an activity it is best that you ask around about everything in the Tourist organization of the town or with the good connoisseurs of Cetinje and its surroundings and go for a visit to Lipska, Korenina or Duboki do pit.  The first two are rich with stalactites and stalagmites. That those places are very interesting confirms the recent name of that locality better known as “Kameno more” (Stone Sea). Except for the professional, these locations are exquisite for the beginners and adventurers.

Still, Cetinje with the surroundings is suitable for mountain climbing and the funs of the high open spaces. The walking path that goes from Cetinje to Ivanova korita or Lovcen is mostly used by the funs of nature but they also gladly go towards the walking paths that are little bit harder for orientation and surpassing and that lead to Cetinje villages. Most pleasant is to go towards Njegusi, the birth place of Montenegrin dynasty Petrovic Njegos. Those who wish to explore to the end, can direct themselves in the other way that leads towards Kotor, or they can use the ancient caravan path, which unfortunately is not marked, and for which a guide is necessary after all.

Along the twisting paths that lead towards the hillsides of Lovcen, in the past one could meet shepards, while today in those areas only mountain climbers go, who mostly use the old foot way Kotor – Krstac. Also, from the place called Krstac, the mountain lovers often climb toward Djerinski peak, and continue their way to Pestin town, the most beautiful panorama above Kotor. Also, interesting destinations for mountain climbers are summer pastures in the villages Bukovica, Sanik and Tresnja.

The basin of the National park Lovcen is still the most interesting to numerous tourists and guests, because it gives the possibility of a pleasant walk along the inlets and then the mastering of the mountain. However, for the recreants that desire easier holiday, which means less strain, the most suitable place is the rest home on Ivan’s riverbeds. Except the children that are regular guests in summer as well as in winter period, in that area, pensioners and sportsmen regularly stay. Sports teams have preparations there, and the fresh air, clean well water, and pleasant shadows that are made by the treetops, especially in the summer, attract numerous passers – by and tourists that are heading for a visit to Njegos`s mausoleum on Lovcen. Ivan’s riverbeds are a real air spa, and during the winter months visitors feel especially nice, enjoying the areas that are thickly covered with snow and children that are using the ski – lift.

For those that are coming to Cetinje for the first time, the unavoidable visit is the one to Jezerki peak (Njegos`s mausoleum) at the 1 660 height above sea level. In the vicinity of the Jezerski peak there is a lake of the diameter of 20 meters (by which the peak got the name). about 1000 meters south east there is a famous Milos`s cave. Interesting for visitors and mountain climbers can also be the bare rocks that are characteristically furrowed with cracks that during the heavy rains constantly roar. That roar knows to be that strong that sometimes down the rocks you can sea the streams of water holding on and then at once fall down towards the sea.

For the mountain climbers and walkers attractive is also the surrounding of Cetinje and the marked paths “Ecological recreational path Obod – River Crnojevic”, that goes next to the very fish factory in the place called River Crnojevic. In that route there are three alternative paths that are visibly marked.

Also, in the surrounding of Cetinje it is nice to see the old and very abandoned Cetinje villages, apart from Njegusi the birth place of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, in which his house and village school are turned into significant culturally – historic monuments, the visitors can enjoy in drinks and food in the pleasant atmosphere in the 125 years old café “Kod Pera na Bukovicu”, that has never closed the door to the visitors, and in which, except the homemade bread, smoked ham, and cheese, vine, and brandy tourists can enjoy in the exquisite drink better known as “mead”. It is nice to see the authentic old houses in all Cetinje villages, as well as the construction inheritance in which Lovcen summer pastures are found. There you can find also spacious cottages, stone walls; the roof made out of chopped straw and tiled terraces. Very exciting are also interesting village threshing floors and the places where the gatherings, folk games and celebrations used to be held.

For those who do not wish to get tired to much or they just simply like to be lazy, and while they recreate the most pleasurable are the long walks down the Cetinje streets, boulevards or parks. When we are talking about the recreational activities even today Cetinje has a lot to offer. That is a town which has several very serious and of high quality sports clubs. Considering that the people from Cetinje have a very military spirit, during the last decades of the XX century, sportsmen and the clubs from Cetinje, have very often won important trophies and rewards. That refers mainly to next clubs: handball, basketball and football clubs.

People from Cetinje and their guests are great car funs, and they like drive races, so for a long time in Cetinje there exists a tradition of driving the hill car races. Also, in Cetinje there are several judo and boxing clubs.

All the clubs in Cetinje, in their name it is as if they have the symbol of eternal freedom,  that is the name “Lovcen” along with the name of the club. Such are clubs: football club “Lovcen” (the year of the foundation 1913.) which, besides the stadium posses the athlete track for little sports. Also in the vicinity there are 2 tennis terrains and rifle range for clay pigeons. In the sports centre there is a spacious hall that posses all the necessary and sequel contents but also the adequate caretaker – tourist complex. The basket ball club “Lovcen” is one of the oldest (1947) sports clubs in Cetinje. It gathers younger members, pioneers, cadets, that are competing on numerous championships in the country and abroad. Still, when we are talking about sports, Cetinje in the last years is most famous by the hand ball club “Lovcen”. In that collective through various sections there are 150 engaged members. Sportsmen and players have competed in domestic but also in international cups.

Driving association “Lovcen” was founded in 1946. Teams are competing in country and abroad. Mostly competitions are organized on the hill track Cetinje – Ivan’s riverbeds (Lovcen). That race is officially registered in the International driving association (FIA – Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile).
In the recent years the judo club “Crnogorac” (Montenegrin) from Cetinje is interesting. Even though it was founded in 1994 for a short time it achieved great results. Their 20 members have so far won several times 1st places and gold medals in various competitions in country and abroad. The club now has about 70 members.

That the conditions for the active or recreational engagement in sport are excellent other facts show too: favorable prices of the hotel accommodation, pleasant even ideal climate and a quiet ambience. Because of the all above mentioned Cetinje is an excellent destination for the preparation of the sports teams that can be found in Cetinje in summer season as well as in all other periods of the year.

In its strivings to renew the old games and point out the sports activities that promote the competition as a part of Montenegrin tradition, in villages and in the hills in the surrounding of Cetinje, especially in the summer period, the sports disciplines like: throwing the stone from the shoulder, long jump, pulling of the rope, shooting and others are prevalent again. Such are summer pasture sports games that are most often organized at the end of summer.

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