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Cetinje Shopping

If you really know how to spend the money, in Cetinje you can vend very good. People from Cetinje, as well as their visitors have always had opinion about their good looks, so the stores and especially numerous boutiques are equipped with the wardrobe that needs to promote the motto “dress with elegance and style”. The majority of boutiques with textile wardrobe, yard goods, dressing articles of hot couture of Italian designers, shops with footwear and gallantry, you can find in the center of Cetinje. Walking down the Cetinje boulevards, whatever the reason of your coming is it will be unimaginable to resist visiting one of those sales objects. A great number of boutiques are very well equipped with original pieces of Italian wardrobe reflecting the latest fad, and of those, that is counted into “hot couture”. In the recent years, Cetinje`s tradesmen have mainly dedicated themselves in procuring the quality European wardrobe, so the store windows of their boutiques attract so much with their luxuriousness of colors and they will easily draw you to visit them.

Leather goods intended for women and men, female and male fall, winter or summer sets, tailed in accordance with the newest fashion lines and in trendy colors, the footwear of the renowned – mainly Italian manufacturers, is predominant in all Cetinje shops. If you wish to look decently and modern and you decide to shop in Cetinje, you will make a smart decision and bon march even better.

Except the wardrobe and the close for adults, in Cetinje there are a great number of boutiques intended for the young ones. Everyday in those shops one can meet young parents who are carefully choosing to buy the necessary things for their babies or little ones of Pre School or school age. The possibilities of choice are great and with the rich offer of: clothes, footwear, toys and other necessary things for children, and the prices in Cetinje are much more favorable compared to other Montenegrin towns.

The funs of fine arts can also find places in Cetinje, like bookstores or open stands, in which they will make themselves or someone else, joyous with the newest bestseller, historical encyclopedia, and works of contemporary or classic literature, quality artistic achievements, paintings or some other sympathetic decorations or souvenirs.

Also, in a well supplied and tastefully arranged Cetinje libraries you can buy copies of “Gorski vijenac” (Mountain Wreath) or “Luca Mikrokozma” (Microcosm Rays) the works whose author is the famous and celebrated poet Petar II Petrovic Njegos, but also the works of King Nikola, and many other editions in which you can read about tumultuous Montenegrin and Cetinje history and culture. Apart from the above listed books, among tourists, very favorite and gladly bought are monographs of Montenegrin towns, tourist maps and guides, but also souvenirs like Montenegrin coat of arms, little flags, pendants, hats…

Except in the selling objects intended for the shopping of books, in Cetinje, at the plateau between Cetinje monastery and the King’s castle there are several stands on which also, at somewhat accessible prices, you can find the books that for a theme have Montenegro, or pocket edition of “Gorski vijenac” (Mountain Wreath), “Luca Mikrokozma” (Microcosm Rays), various audio or video cassettes, CD or DVD editions with various reports or intermezzos in which you can see Montenegrin motives, or in which the praises of Montenegrin struggle for right, honor and freedom of their country through many centuries, are sang of.
However, in Cetinje there are a smaller number of shops, like artistic and painting workshops, in which you can find nice copies of art paintings of the famous Montenegrin painters or souvenirs like decorative lamps, tablecloths, parts of the traditional Montenegrin folk costume.

Beside the above mentioned shops, Cetinje is for years famous for very rich offer in retail trade and wholesales trade of the food chain objects. All over the town, there are various shops in which apart from the basic food supplies you can buy cosmetics, dry cleaning cleansers, machines for household or even some small thing that will remind you at your first meeting with Cetinje.

Cetinje’s green market, which is situated in the part of the town behind Vlach church, is supplied with very good and various articles. Everyday the market is very well visited and the traders mostly are offering domestic products: all kinds of the Mediterranean and exotic fruit, various vegetables, numerous types of cheeses (cheese from Njegusi, fat, half fatted, goat, cow, mixed, unsalted cheese), domestic cow’s or goat’s milk, olive oil, olives, smoked meat, among which Njegusi smoked ham mostly stands out, or dried beef meat, lake, sea or river – just caught fish, flowers…

Cetinje market is extremely attractive and interesting on Friday, when through it, because of the crowd, and the desire to shop better and cheaper, hundreds of citizens and tourists pass, seeking and buying quality products that merchants have put out early in the morning at numerous stands. The most pleasant sights, that you will without any doubt experience in Cetinje market, are around the stands with the fish, around which you can hear, along with shouting and archaisms, older women dressed in black, bargain with the salesmen, in desire to achieve the lowest possible price of fish, or while the just caught carp or bream, still alive, wriggles in the basket and is waiting for someone to buy it.

With a great part of Cetinje’s market, the stands with wardrobe and underwear dominate, where you can buy goods of less quality compared to those in the specialized trade shops, at a more favorable price. Also, great crowds can be seen at those stands, and especially on Friday, when beside the domestic, at the so – called marketplace there are Romanian and Bulgarian salesmen. Cetinje also, is abundant with numerous flower shops, in which during the whole day you can buy fresh and unusual flowers. In town there are numerous male and female hair dressers, tailor shops, beauty saloons, barber shops, jewelry shops, various shops, clock shops, shoe mender shops, shops of leather goods, perfume shops, commissions. To sum up, you can trade in Cetinje nice and expensive, cheap and with style; it is up to you just to come to Cetinje and to choose the way. The reasons for visiting this ancient town are easy to find.

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