Kolasin is city on the North of Montenegro. Founded by Turks in 17th century, this small city is one of must visit places in Montenegro.

The restless Rivers Tara and Moraca stream along it and is surrounded by mountains. Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, Kljuc and Vucje embraced this little city.

Kolasin is located at 954 m of altitude and offers excellent vacation as in winter as well as summer. Because of altitude and favorable clime Kolasin is considered and air spa.

A special attraction for tourists represents the Biogradsko Lake located in National park “Biogradska gora” which is one of three preserved virgin forest of Europe. The Biogradsko Lake is at 1094 m of altitude and around it there are walking paths.

During its three centuries old history Kolasin, as they say, shared the destiny of majority of Montenegrin towns, mostly going from the hands of the occupier to the liberating hands and vice versa. This little town is a real curiosity considering the fact that it went 23 times from one hand to the other, was destroyed, and awaited its final liberation from the occupiers in ruins. Special role in creation of Kolasin, its duration and liberation fight had tribes of people from Rovci, and Moraca, especially during the XVII and XVIII century.

The area of the municipality of Kolasin mostly stretches in the middle part of the Republic of Montenegro in middle and upper flows of rivers Tara and Moraca on total surface of 900 km2. There are about 12.000 citizens in this municipality, and in Kolasin, the center of the municipality there are about 6.000 citizens.

National Park Biogradska Gora

One of the shiniest pearls when we are talking about the European natural reservation by all means is Biogradska gora not far from Kolasin. It is rainforest area on mountain massif which is rich with water surfaces and endemic plant and animal species, pastures, picturesque summer pasture cottages, with one word an indescribable experience which takes your breath away. Just an hour away of ride from the capital of Montenegro and from a rushed way of life is the last European rainforest in which the time stands for centuries. Let the easy approach to the very park and all its areas be the best invitation to visit it and to enjoy in everything that it has to offer. Biogradska gora is under the strict protection of the state for a long time and beside the three other National parks in Montenegro it offers a range of events which can even better introduce you with the history and nature of this area, as well as to animate you during your stay in it. In the information center of the administrative center Biogradska gora in Kolasin you can more closely get acquainted with the national park through a documentary movie, then find out more about flora and fauna and how to get some souvenir, propaganda material, postcard etc.

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