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Kolasin History

Kolasin Legend

Hidden from the looks, in the atmosphere which takes your breathe away, Biogradsko Lake and the admirers of nature of this area will tell you some legends about this mysterious hill. According to one of them, on thrashing floor, that is on the shallowest part of the lake fairies gathered. Protectors of waters and nature in general on that place performed their dance – the circle, intoxicating with the beauty and graciousness entire living world. Some old connoisseur of this area will “share with you” the secret that in the dawn even today one can hear their laughter and dance. It is up to you to discover whether it is true.

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For the origin of the lake another story is told. Namely, in the place of present Biogradsko Lake there used to be a fruitful field, which was plowed by two brothers. The thrashing floor, on which the corn was sorted after the harvest, kept brothers in harmony until one fall they started fighting over the shares of corn. In the attack of rage younger brother killed the older brother. Crushed with pain their mother cursed the younger brother, and from the strength of her curse, the round broke in the place where the thrashing floor was found, and there the lake was formed which even today keeps the secret.

And the biggest culturally historical monument monastery Moraca is surrounded with a veil of legend. This mystical sacral facility, is surrounded, just as a medieval fortress, with high stone wall inside which the quarters are located which will tell you a few legends from this area. According to one legend that is alive among the local people, this monastery was made from special yellow stone which is amazingly far away from the very locality of the monastery. According to this legend people from this area made a column, which was tens of kilometers long, and in that way turned the stone from hand to hand from the place called Tusine, the place where the stone was located, to the present monastery Moraca.


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