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Kolasin Tourism

Good geographical position of Kolasin is seen in its great connection with the rest of the towns in the republic. Kolasin is one hour away of ride by car through the canyon Platije from the capital city – Podgorica, in the south. Towards the north to the border with Serbia it also takes somewhat more than 2 hours of ride. Railroad of greatest importance for this region Belgrade – Bar goes through Kolasin. In this way Kolasin is excellently connected with both the sea and hig Montenegrin hinterland. You can come to Kolasin from Podgorica airport that is 80 km away; through Belgrade airport, and then over the highway Belgrade – Podgorica, or maybe through Dubrovnik airport which is somewhat longer. Kolasin is 400 km away from Belgrade, as it is from Sarajevo, from Dubrovnik it is 220 km, Zagreb 740 km, and from Ljubljana it is 950 km away.

If you are a passionate fisherman, nearby the town there are rivers rich with trout. The town itself has a hunting and a fishing association so your hunting, that is, fishing experience will be a great opportunity for socializing.
People from Kolasin and their guests choose for picnic places the shores of the lake, especially Biogradsko or some of Pesic lakes on Bjelasica.

For somewhat more attractive rest every citizen of Kolasin will recommend you Tara rafting. One shorter trio of this kind could be rafting from Kolasin to Mojkovac in the length of about 15 km. In springtime Tara is particularly fierce river, which will make your experience an adrenaline injection.

Recent forming of eco-summer pasture cottage on Bjelasica is yet another experience which will allow you to get to meet the life in this kind of nature, food and customs of people who live here, and the beautiful surrounding which is made of forests of Boigradska gora and summits of Bjelasica will remain in your memory forever, because those scenes are one-shot scenes. A range of contents will complement your staying in this summer pasture cottage – it is up to you just to pick, and the hosts always take care of the rest.
The visits to the canyon of Mrtvica or some of the one-day arrangements such as rafting over Lever Tara are also in the offer of tourist workers in Kolasin, so if your vacation lasts a bit longer we recommend that you fulfil your each day with some of those events.

Particularly interesting are six-day or seven-day arrangements, which include rich program of visit of natural treasures of this area. One such arrangement, in the organization of a local tourist organization includes – rafting on Tara, mountain tours over Bjelasica, visit to Durmitor area, Biogradsko Lake, and mountain Sinjajevina and its high summits. This would be a real chance for you to get to meet almost half of Montenegro for just a week of your staying in it.

Kolasin is called also “intact Switzerland”. Kolasin entirely has turned towards the mountain recreational tourism and that way of life. Beside the winter sports in a newly built hall there are several sport associations and clubs among which most success has basketball club “Gorstak” (Highlander) from which several Montenegrin basketball aces spurred such as Vlado Scepanovic, the player of European club Panathinaikos. In Kolasin there are several open sports fields if you wish to recreate yourself during your vacation. Not far from the center there is also a football stadium.

For all devotees of plant species in Kolasin there is a real small paradise – the work of the Slovenian biologist Danijel Vincek who for almost thirty years is investing his entire energy into botanical garden in which on a relatively small space he treasures hundreds of various plant species. Plant species, which are dominant in the garden, are characteristic for the areas of Durmitor, Bjelasica, Prokletije, and Sinjajevina. Healing herbs, forest fruits, and endangered species are found in this garden which beside the scientific has also an educational purpose because students of biology from this region visit it.

When we are talking about the excursionist tourism national park Biogradsko Lake once again is in the center of attention. Tour of the national park could be an excellent choice. Tour Kolasin – Kraljevo kolo (King’s circle) – Biogradsko Lake through a picturesque nature, ride over the lake and with a good guide will turn into an unforgettable one day trip. Also, trip to some of the summits of Bjelasica, for which is some cases you will not need a guide, will gave you an opportunity to enjoy in the view from the height of 2.000 meters of height above the sea level which you will never forget. If you are a fun of mountain climbing there are several marked tracks, which lead towards several most famous summits. Over these areas goes the mountain transversal CT – 1 in the length of 120 kilometers. This mountain road, which goes over Bjelasica and Biogradska gora, can be passed in 6 days. If you decide to stay in the national park nearby Biogradsko Lake there are bungalows, made of wood, which fit in in the natural ambience. If you wish to taste the national cuisine there is a restaurant Biogradsko Lake in the very park. The park itself offers everything that you need for a great time, starting from issuing of fishing licenses, renting of boats, tents, camping areas as well as organization of lunch with traditional meals.

On the other hand for the funs of hill heights Moraca Mountains will be the first and the only choice. They are located in the very heart of Montenegro, surrounded by national parks and mountains on which your view stretches forward. In the north are Maganik, Durmitor, Maglic, and Ljubisnja, in the west your view goes towards Golija, in the east towards Prokletije and Komovi – in short – from some of the 2.000 meter high summit you can see all mountains of Montenegro, and according to the story of those who adore mountain summits, during a day when the sky is clear of clouds you can even see the sea.
Mountain adventure which these mountains offer to you, has been complemented with the beauties of the lakes which are found on them. The best time of the year for mountain climbing activities is late springtime, and summer, and early fall, while during the winter the experts advise you to take with yourself good alpine gear.

Thanks to its natural predefinition Kolasin is paradise for winter tourism. Ski center organizes the reception and transport of guests from the railway station, to the hotel or to the ski center with their own busses. The conditions for winter sports are constantly being built and improved here. Kolasin has three ski clubs. Today the ski center on Jezerine is far famous for the quality of its service with a high quality funicular railway and several ski lifts which can take you up to 1950 meters of height above the sea level. There are numerous hotelier facilities on Jezerine so your day on the snow will be perfect if you send some time next to the hearthstone, or if just have a sunbathing in the winter sun and enjoy in the warm drink.

Considering the fact that the slopes of Bjelasica on which ski place Jezerine is located at is on the north side, the snow is kept longer, so the joy of skiing is extended throughout the entire season. Some ski paths fulfill the FIS standards, which means that they are entirely ready for competitions at highest level. Bjelasica is characteristic for a lot of paths of alternative type which go though the woods, and which simply lurk funs of extreme sports. In certain places the slope of paths is over 60^, which makes some of then fantastic for extreme skiing. Paths are marvelously prepared and a traditional ski fest is held on them, which attracts not just skier but also tourist employees from the republic and the region. Closness of the ski path to town conditions its popularity so a large number of citizens of Podgorica and some southern Montenegrin municipalities use every free day to visit Bjelasica. The school of skiing and snowboarding, as well as alpine salvation service, first aid and many other services function at the ski center making it extremely attractive and lurking both for those who want to recreate themselves and for the professionals. The length of the main slope is over 4 kilometers. It is extremely wide, and ready to receive several thousands of skiers at once. First skiers, by tradition, open the season at the end of December, that is for New Year’s holidays.

If you like walking or jogging there is also a trim track not far from the shore of Tara which is a few kilometers long. For funs of tennis there are also terrains, as well as the terrains for small football and other sports. That is why it is no wonder why in both summer and winter months Kolasin is visited by many sports clubs and national teams of all sports.

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