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Kolasin Events

Kolasin, today dominantly a tourist place, is the host of several events and happenings. By all means the most significant is the Hot winter in the hills. During this several months lasting event, which beside Kolasin and its ski paths on Bjelasica visits also Niksic Vucje, Durmitor, Turjak, and other, ski centers and towns and during which a great number of shows and spectacles takes place. On ski path not far from Kolasin competition in skiing divided by disciplines and by age of the competitors take place as well as competitions in extreme sports on snow, such as snowboard, para – ski etc.

After the daily activities on snow, which are organized by the animators of tourist organization of Montenegro, good time is continued with other programs, which are taking place in Kolasin cafes, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Beside the theme nights this manifestation is characteristic by visits of Montenegrin and musicians from the region that have smaller concerts.

In Kolasin also Montenegro ski fest is being held, a competition, which takes place on ski path of Bjelasica, which is visited by Montenegrin and skiers from the region.

Of other events worthy of mentioning are fine art colony town on Tara, as well as the introspection of folklore.

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