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Podgorica Culture

Podgorica Culture - Part IV
Recent activity of the institution Museums and galleries of the town contributes the mausoleum offer of Podgorica as an obligatory segment of culturally – tourist offer of the town. Beside the Museum of the town in center of Podgorica, for the visitor and a history fun interesting museum could be the one on Medun, in which the house of Marko Miljanov is situated. The distinguished Montenegrin duke, who beside his proved physical fight for Montenegro, in his late years started to promote the examples of humanity and heroism, beside the bronze monument in town he got an adequate museum in which one can see numerous documents and exhibits from the dukes everyday life. Especially interesting is the collection of firearms, traditional Montenegrin one, and the decorations and necessities of that time. This famous Montenegrin learned to write near the end of his life, and to his countrymen he let in legacy immortal examples of Humanity and Heroism, a measure according to which even the present Montenegrin guide themselves in “defending yourself from others, and others from yourself”. In the upper town beside the tracks of the medieval fortress there is a little church, next to which the grave of this Montenegrin literate and hero is.
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As an ecological state, with the bio diversity which is stunning because of the size of Montenegro, the state invests significant means in promotion and preservation of the environment. In 1961 in Montenegro the first natural collection was founded, which after several years grew into several thousands of exhibits of all kinds. Museum institution of natural profile, better known Natural museum, was founded in 1955, and flora and fauna which it offers as exhibits is growing from year to year, achieving greater significance and importance, especially in the 1990’s when Montenegro declared itself as an ecological state, with the intention of complete preservation of nature.

Museum offer of the town is supplemented by the private and public institutions among which mostly dominates the ethnographic offer and whose work is not less important for the diversity and richness of the cultural offer of the town. Among these dominates the recently renewed Kusleova kuca (KUSLE’S HOUSE) on the banks of Ribnica. On the same spot, on the opposite bank one can see a Turkish bath – Banja (SPA), which until recently was the meeting place of various cultural employees and cultural artistic associations, and since recently, as a part od the Cultural – informational center Budo Tomovic, there is a bookstore – reading place – gallery and café Karver.

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