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Podgorica Entertainment

Podgorica is, everyone will admit, one of the towns with the best night life in this part of the Europe. Exquisite cafés, of which some are thematically made, enrich the tourist life of Podgorica in the greatest possible measure.

Every single visitor of Podgorica didn’t remain indifferent after one weekend night in Podgorica… Among the most famous in the scope of solely 300m we have: Greenwich, Buddha Bar, Camelot, Montanaro jazz, Grand café, Fontana, Cuba Libre, Corto malteze, Inter city, Rio grande, Culto, Mr.Good, Soul II Soul, Zulu, Latino bar, Kandy bar, Pub 111, Piccadilly, Bourbon, Torzo and many other. In them every night a great number of young people gather with often live music and of course they are having great fun.

Two very nice Irish pubs are also located nearby. Their interior makes you go for a moment to Ireland, for which they say that it is a country most alike to Montenegro. In the mentioned Montanaro jazz club famous musicians and vocal soloists mostly from the territory of the ex Yugoslavia come, do if you are interested in this kind of music you know where to go. Interesting in the wide offer of Podgorica is also center Carine, which has café bar, pizzeria, restaurant, and a great super market.

Podgorica has a unique beauty of a living place. With great number of cafes, pubs, and restaurants which during the most of the day are filled with young people, gives an impression of a place in which fun never stops. Everyone who visits Podgorica once, on his leaving always stresses to one’s hosts how wonderful time they had in the great number of cafes which they have visited, claiming that such an atmosphere is not easy to find in the greatest European metropolis. Believe us when we say that if you come and spend some time in Podgorica, you will not make a mistake because the time spent in Podgorica, will forever remain in your memory.

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