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Podgorica Food & Drink

Podgorica and Montenegro too are very famous for food and drinks which are specific for this part of Europe. When we are talking about the drinks if you try some of the Montenegrin red wines or maybe Niksic bear, you will not be indifferent. This two products are a trademark of Montenegro and they also represent highest ranges in the European standards of quality. Favorable geographic position of Podgorica as we have said gives it a great opportunity to produce the “nectar of life”, from the grape from the plantations 13th July with the technological processes, which is worth of respect in every way.

Vranac, Krstac, Procordem, and Chardonnay represent brands which in the recent time are even found on the tables on the North American market. Niksic bear in its light and dark variant are found in the offer of every Podgorica café. Brandy – alcoholic product specific for the Balkan countries, here is produced in several sorts. The most famous by all means would be the one made of grape – popular “lozovaca”, and then we have in the package of industry “13 jul” Kruna and Prvijenac which every tourist should taste in the same as one would try whiskey if he were in Scotland.

In Podgorica too, as in the majority of Montenegrin municipalities you can sense a great influence of national cuisine. Few meals are specific for Podgorica menu. If you wish to feel the spirit of Podgorica, you can try to prepare Podgorica “popeci” or carp in Podgorica way by yourself.

“Popeci”, a traditional Podgorica meal are actually pork fillets well beaten and salted. You need white cow’s cheese which should be kneaded in that way that you get a creamy mixture. Then, cheese is places in the middle of the beaten fillet, and you roll in the fillet and close it from the sides. You need to mix two eggs and you need bread crumbs. The rolled fillet you first dip in the egg, and then in bread crumbs, and then again in eggs and in crumbs, and you need to fry it deep in the oil, and on high temperature. With “popeci” usually goes a topping which is made from the equal amount of mayonnaise and sour cream, in which you add a little bit of parsley.

If you are a lover of river fish you can prepare a carp in Podgorica way. You have to chop onion and garlic, carrot, parsley and celery and to stew that well. In another pot you have to put dry plums to boil them a little bit. Raw carp is cut in places where you will cut the peaces later and it has to be salted well. Carp is baked in one peace. It is places in the pan, and you put around it the stewed vegetables, and previously strained plums. You pour in the pan the water to cover the carp and you put it in the oven to bake it.

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