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Montenegro Events and Festivals


Bar’s chronicle – Bar

The most important manifestation in Bar in general. Bar’s chronicle is the festival with various programs which include: theater plays by theater troupe from the country and abroad, fine art exhibitions, literary nights, concerts of spiritual and classical music… Programs of “Bar’s chronicle” are being held on various, mostly montage stages on several locations in town. One of the most interesting shows, a part of the Bar’s chronicle is the Mediterranean fair of books.

Dives in the river Moraca – Podgorica

Traditional dives from the centuries old Vezirov (Vizier’s) bridge in the capital of Montenegro. It is included in the calendar of the World Cup so it is visited by stars such as Orlando Duke and others. Considering the extravagance of this sport, the shore of Moraca attracts a great number of citizens.

Days of music – Herceg Novi

Manifestation whose goal is the promotion of classical music potential of Montenegro.

Music festival – Suncane skale (Sunny stairs) – Herceg Novi

The second of the two biggest music festivals in Montenegro. Well known by the Mediterranean sound which during several nights can be heard from Herceg Novi – Kanli kula, this festival gives a chance to young authors and performers to step into the world of music. All stars from Montenegro and the countries of the region visit the festival.

International festival of theater for children – Kotor

A several day festival, during which, most often in the open, in the ambience of the ancient town of Kotor, the plays for children are being displayed. It gathers the theaters from all around the Balkans at the joy of all visitors of Kotor, and mostly of the youngest ones.

Fasinada – Perast

Traditional manifestation, which is celebrated in July in Perast. The festivity is a ritual procession which is made up of decorated boats and barges, which traditionally goes around the island of Gospa od Skrpjela in Perast. The festivity of Fasinada means a traditional throwing of rocks, which the barges from the bay bring to the island, and then throw it out around the shore. In the festivity accompanies by the folk songs only men can take part in. According to an old custom on the island late in the evening fish dinner is being prepared.

Sail boat regatta – Tivat

Yearly gathering of admirers of this sport.

Durmitor ring – Zabljak

Cycling tour around the most attractive paths all over Durmitor.

Festival of drama amateurs of Montenegro – Bijelo Polje

Very visited manifestation during which one can see great theater spectacles directed and performed by amateur actors. Bijelo Polje during the day of performing is a real theater center of the region.

Budva night – Budva

Traditional night on which the hosts and the guests in Budva have fun until late in the evening with the traditional and modern music and local specialties.

Crmnica sports games – Crmnica, Bar

Manfestation which is held in the place called Virpazar, 40 kilometers away from Bar. “Crmnica sports games” usually start in the middle of July and last until the middle of August, and they are held every weekend. The goal of the manifestation is the contest in several sports disciplines.

Days of Mrkojevici – Mrkojevici, Bar

Manifestation of the entertaining character which in Bar, more precisely in the place Pecurice, is held druing the last week in July. The goal of the manifestation is to introduce numerous visitors and tourists to the tradition, rich heritage and cultural identity of that Bar area. With the rich catering and meals of traditional Montenegrin cuisine the manifestation “Days of Mrkojevici” is characterized also by a suitable entertaining – musical program, in which cultural artistic associations from Bar take part in.

Kotor’s summer fiestas – Kotor

For the admirers of nice sound, classic and spiritual, chamber and instrumental music the most interesting is the music festivity named Kotor Pro Arte. That manifestation is marked by concerts, which are mostly held in Kotor churches and concert halls. The devotees of culture are able to listen to many concerts of great world music creators. The halls for concert music in Kotor, on those days, are filled with the sounds of the music which used to be played on European courts.

International fashion festival – Kotor

Fashion festival lasts for several days and it gathers fashion designers from Montenegro, from the surrounding countries and from abroad. The most frequent however are distinguished Italian designers and their newest creations. Fashion festival is being held in Kotor for several years already, and so far, among others Dolce Gabanna, Pal Zileri, Prada, Armani, Ferre, Versace have presented themselves. Beside the admirers o modern fashion trends and nice dressing, on those days Kotor is a meeting point of businessman, actors, owners of fashion studios, and other persons from the world of jet-set.

Ulcinj night – Ulcinj

Entertaining – tourist manifestation whose goal is the promotion of the tourist offer of Ulcinj and the surrounding area. With the suitable music and an entertaining program, people from Ulcinj and their guests enjoy many various meals from meat, fish along with wine on Ulcinj’s promenade and sandy beach below the Old town until early in the morning.

Cetinje cultural summer – Cetinje

Folklore exhibitions, concerts, author nights, and publication promotions, fine art exhibitions and other similar events make up the Cetinje cultural summer program. It starts in the middle of June, and it lasts for a month. All manifestations are held on the scenes of summer stage, on Balsica bazaar and in the area of Cetinje city park. Along with the theater plays of Montenegrin production, the audience on this manifestation can see the pieces of the famous European authors, as well as authors from former Yugoslav republics. Also, for the visitors of this manifestation famous operas and concerts of classical music are being performed.

Hill car races – Cetinje – Ivanova Korita

Car-races are driven by the distinguished car and rally racers. Every year they measure their strength in a hill car race on the path Cetinje – Ivanova Korita (Lovcen), which is 12.200 meters long, with the height altitude 610 meters. Since 1981 this race is in the calendar of the Federation of International automobiles FIA. Hill car races from Cetinje to Lovcen are seen by several thousands of spectators every year.

Summer pasture sports games – Njegusi, Cetinje

Manifestation which is held at the end of July in the village Njegusi, close to Cetinje. At that time in the above mentioned village a great number of citizens, former residents of Njegusi and their descendants gather to measure their strength in the old disciplines, according to which the strength, ability, and chivalry used to be measured and through which they developed the competitive spirit. On those days the traditional old games such as: long jump, pulling of a rope, high jump, throwing of the rock from the shoulder, horse riding are very popular.

Bocarska Olimpijada – Tivat
(Bowling Olympics)

Sports manifestation which in Tivat is held every year. Contestants from Tivat and from the great number of towns of Montenegro and aboard are traditional participants of Tivat Bowling Olympics. Bowling (special kind of bowling), in coastal towns is a traditional sport. It is becoming more and more popular among young people, as well as among the tourists who can try their skills in some of the open terrains.

Summer scene – Ulcinj

Local manifestation of cultural – entertaining character. This traditional manifestation is usually held during July and August. It lasts for about a month, and as a goal it has the promotion of cultural – historical values of Ulcinj. Event that “Summer scene” cherishes for years includes the playing of various theater plays, visits of actors and other artists from the country and aboard, arrival of entertaining orchestras, fine art exhibitions, music concerts… All the mentioned happenings take place on a summer stage, which is located in Old Ulcinj’s town.


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