Construction of the first One & Only hotel in Europe was officially launched today as part of the Portonovi resort, in which, according to representatives of Azmont Investments, to be invested a total of 650 million euros.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Azmont Investments, Ahmet Erentok, said the figure, when it comes to investment in the project, is steadily growing, as well as to the company by the end of March, has invested nearly 164 million euros.

He is, at the ceremony of the official start of work for the first One & Only in Europe, said that the hotel is an integral part of the resort Portonovi, where the company One & Only perfect partner for destination unique luxury destination that will attract visitors and residents from around the world.

“The whole project is additional promotion beautiful Montenegro, which we see as a prestigious destination and the first hotel One & Only in Europe will be the jewel of the Bay of Kotor” said Erentok.

He added that the project cooperating with many famous designers, consultants and construction companies, of which one of the best Italian Impresa Pizzarotti responsible for a major part of the construction work.

“I think we have gone in the right direction in cooperation with partners in order to create a space in Portonovo who will contribute to the beauty of Montenegro. Our goal is to set new standards, both in the country and throughout the Mediterranean and beyond,” said the Erentok.

According to him, Portonovi will leave a special mark on the world tourism map.

“We will build 138,000 square meters including hotel One & Only, Henri Chenot spa, beach club, Jahtklubi and 220 berths for superyachts. We will have prestigious brands, luxury apartments and villas, a plan to rebuild the church that will be used as an interesting location for wedding parties” explained Erentok.

He added that the squares occupy about five thousand square meters on which will be the varying activities.