Part 2

Exegi monumentum – (I built a monument) 

It is strange how difficult a man parts from view to wide scenery and distance, how hights and peace are enchanting. Once you must turn around and continue – tops of mountains are not for long stay.

One Montenegrin did not accept to abide by this fact. This was Metropolitan of Montenegro fifth in row of family Petrovic – Petar II Petrovic Njegos. He ruled over this people hard to be ruled over, who were not only in permanent war with neighboring communities, but also fought each other and had long gone hates and bloody revenges. Metropolitan tried to make this people pay taxes in order to during years of hunger can support them not to fall under influence of rulers of neighboring regions of Ottoman Empire, to build schools, make courts. He became loved and hated as well.

Once he for two months did not go out his room and went outside the book was finished. It was book on unseen beauty and harmony in God world in heavens but also story on envy and disobedience of group of angels, war in heaven, punishment and fall of first man in earthly world full of pain and evil where remained only blur remembrance on once harmony and peace. Its name was “Torch of microcosm”. It is strange to say that it was the first book in Montenegro.

A few years before his death he wrote other book where he described his Montenegrins, illiterate, superstitious but different from surrounding – commanded by metropolitan’s grand grandfather, the first Metropolitan from the family, that group of people made a decision: They vowed in coming army threat that neither to them and their heirs there is no honorable life if their tribesmen who turned to Islam do not turn back to Christianity, and if they do not want to be expelled or killed. This was the only way of their survival. These men, ready to cross line of no return became symbols of fight for their independence at any cost.

Metropolitan Petar II Petrovic Njegos asked to be buried at highest mountaintop, Lovcen, a giant rock rising from the sea and covering all old Montenegro. His book “Wreath of mountain” became the most popular reading item among South Slavs.

Some thirty years ago government of Montenegro built at the place of his grave, instead of a little chapel, grandiose mausoleum, highest mausoleum in the world. 

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Written by: Milorad Luketic, Photo by :