The last in the series of luxury resort Sveti Stefan’s promotions took place on the advertising flyer created for The Bank of America, one of the leading banking groups in the United States.

During its advertising campaign for the Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card , this bank used a photo of fairy-tale-like destination Sveti Stefan to attract the potential clients of the card. As mentioned on the flyer, a visit to luxury destinations is a reward for the right choices in life, and the destination that has been highlighted is exactly the luxury resort in Montenegro. “Choose the rewards that are right for you”, the Bank of America states on the flyer, while the picturesque Sveti Stefan glows to enchant all those who read the promotional material.

sveti stefanSveti Stefan, the town-hotel, is situated on an island that is connected to the mainland by a sandbank which has two beaches with an interesting reddish color. In the 15th century the island was a fortress housing 12 families, in the 19th century it was a fishing village with 400 inhabitants. In the 21st century it is a luxury hotel.

The seriously luxurious resort is something you have to see to believe…