The church of Sveti Luka (St. Luke) in Kotor on the square Piazza Greca has the traits of both Roman and Byzantine architecture. This church is the only edifice in town, which has not suffered significant damages during the earthquake in 1979. The church of Sveti Luka (St. Luke) was painted immediately after the construction of which only the fragments on the south wall remained.

Daskal Dimitrij the founder of Boka Kotorska painting school Rafailovic did the iconostasis of the church from XVII century. This used to be a Catholic school, more precisely until the middle of XVII century, but later because of the wars and the arrival of the Orthodox people in Kotor it was given to Orthodox believers for use and it represents a testimony about the harmonious co-existence of Catholic and Orthodox people. The church today is significant because of the fact that it has two altars, a Catholic and an Orthodox one. The floor in the church was made of tomb panels on joined graves of citizens of Kotor, because until 1930’s the burring were held in the church itself.

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