Two absolutely most visited tourist destinations on the Adriatic Sea : Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Kotor (Montenegro, set in beautiful and most Southern fjord: Bay of Kotor).

Those 2 magnificent cities, will amaze everyone with historical richness and visual beauty. Dubrovnik Old Town - place where you will feel like in some ancient time, and Kotor Old Town surrounded by high mountains and old fortification - breathtaking beauty !

These are a few basic options for transportation:

  • Transfers - Book online great transfer service from Dubrovnik to any place in Montenegro.
  • Car Rental - If you really want to experience all the magic of the many beautiful small places along the Adriatic coast, car rental is certainly the best choice and we recommend it. In this way, you have complete freedom to stop and visit even some hidden places that are not on the maps of usual tourist tours.
  • Kotor Bay Day Trip from Dubrovnik with Boat Ride to Lady of the Rock - You can always visit Kotor from Dubrovnik by booking one of the full-day trips. Feel free to check out the other Dubrovnik Tours.

Kampana Tower, Kotor old town
Kampana Tower, Kotor old town

Almost all tourists who visit one of this unique cities - try to find proper solution to visit BOTH of them. This is for sure the best decision you can make, if you ever visit Dubrovnik or Kotor. If you decide to make this tour, we suggest to visit all small cities on the Adriatic seaside: Dubrovnik, Cavtat, Igalo, Herceg Novi, Risan, Perast, Kotor

And if you have time, do not miss to go from Kotor to Budva, and to visit one of the most popular sites in Montenegro - Budva Old Town.

For sure, you will easily find many agencies who offer these tours, but many tourists prefer to explore by themselves. For sure - this is best option, and it will allow you to really make one exceptional tour from Dubrovnik to Kotor.

Just use Rent-A-Car service (we suggest best online service for renting a car - with affordable prices and famous brands: car rentals in Dubrovnik), and you will enjoy in every kilometer of this beautiful trip.

Do not be surprised, if you wish to spend a night or two in Kotor, and for this, we suggest you to check best online accommodation service on Kotor online booking page

Make this tour, and you will never forget those 2 stunning places : from Dubrovnik to Kotor - there is a road that leads from one beauty to another. Nature, history, culture, ... and for sure best dine and wine route for all your senses. Enjoy in Dubrovnik and Croatia, enjoy in Kotor and Montenegro - do not miss this pure tourist diamond tour.