If you are a party animal that lets the rhythm change your personality, put on your dance shoes and come to Maximus nightclub in Kotor. Join some 4,000 people dancing the night away immersed in the pounding disco music. International DJs always light up the atmosphere and hundreds of lights and video screens will make you take in the antiquated ambiance and charming décor while you are tearing up the floor, dancing and having fun. Entry is affordable and so are the drinks! More info at:

Secondo Porto

Secondo Porto is a nightclub located almost on the waterfront, near the Old City of Kotor. Its doors are open from 11pm to 5 am. The club is always packed because it’s where unlimited fun lives. It organizes live performances of famous DJs on the large ship-stage emerging from the waterfall of lights. Unique ambience, unique and memorable experience await – don’t miss out!


No one would say that a small authentic café hidden in the narrow streets of the Old Town of Kotor where weary tourists idly take sips of coffee during the day turns into a bar at night. By day, Letrika is a quiet place for a silent drink in a side-alley. On summer nights the alley gets jammed with young people dancing and sipping Lectrica cocktails while listening to DJs who perform outside. Good times are guaranteed. More info at: Letrika facebook page

Jazz Club Evergreen

No light beams, no crowds, no wiggling, no clubbing… Only finger snapping and nodding, while following the soothing jazz melody. Jazz Club Evergreen, which hosts live international and local jazz players is the place to get your fingers clicking. In the warm and cozy ambient full of musical collectables, this is the ideal hideaway for everyone looking for peaceful enjoyment of improvised jazz performance. More info at: Jazz Club Evergreen facebook page