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Bar Churches

Even though compared to other coastal towns, in Bar there are no monuments which were made as in Kotor or like palaces fin Risan, summer houses in Tivat, Citadels in Budva and Herceg Novi or Kanli kula, Bar can still be proud with a great number of religious monument which testify that for centuries in the territory of that town three confessions: Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim lived in peace and harmony.

In Bar and its surroundings, there are three churches today that testify of the oldness of the town and numerous historical and cultural periods.

TRIKHONOS OF BAR – it’s actually an ecclesiastical building, which according to some historical sources dates from the VI century, that is, from the period of the Byzantium emperor Justinian. It is located in the very center of Bar in the community Topolica. The preserved walls of that sacramental building are only one meter long. It is interesting to point out that until now, on the place where Trikhonos of Bar is located, several times various researches were performed. During the recent research works, there were found fragments of a decorative stone plastic and barrow.

ST. TEKLA`S CHURCH – that building was constructed in the XIII century, out of brittle stone. It is located in the place called Sutomore, the suburb of Bar. Primarily St. Tekla`s church was an orthodox religious object, so that after some time it got another catholic object. St. Tekla`s church has two altars even today, and citizens of both orthodox and catholic religion visit it. Also, at the cemetery of the church, members of both confessions are being buried.

ST. NIKOLA`S CHURCH – is located in the Old Bar, not far from the city hospital. Today in that ecclesiastical facility of bishopric of Bar is placed. Bishopric of Bar was founded in 1089, which was at that time confirmed by Pope Clement III, by sending the cloak to Archbishop of Duklja`s chair. Because of the outstanding cultural and educational performance which in the XII century Bar’s Episcopate had, it is important to point out that places like: Bar, Ulcinj, Svac, Skadar, Drivosta, and Pilot as well as former states: Serbia, Bosnia and Travunija were a part of that Bishopric.

MONASTERY (CONVENT) OR MOTHER OF GOD OF RATAC – that Benedictine convent from the IX century, is situated on the brim of the sea, at the end of cape Ratac, between Bar and Sutomore. The convent used to be composed out of 3 churches as well as several buildings, which had towers and defense walls. In the year 1443, the convent of the Holy mother of God of Ratac is taken over by the Venetians. Several years later, the convent was burned down, so it is supposes that it was done by the Turks in 1571, who at that period administratively ruled Bar.

MONSTERY PRECISTA KRAJINSKA – it is surely one of the most significant cultural monuments in Montenegro. Monastery is situated in a place called Ostros, close to Skadar Lake, which is 50 kilometers away from Bar. The remains of the monastery Precista Krajinska, with the church, are dedicated to Assumption of the Holy mother of God. For the first time in written sources, monastery is being mentioned in the X century, in the “Chronicle of the Priest Dukljanin”. Monastery was founded by Prince Vladimir, who today is more familiar from the legend about his tragic love with the daughter of the Macedonian emperor Samuilo – Kosara. For certain period in that monastery Metropolitan residence of Zeta was placed, which at the end of the XVI century was torn down. It is interesting that in the immediate vicinity of the monastery there is a well of living water, which according to same records dates from the year 1001, and which even today supplies citizens of the Village Ostros with drinking water.

MONASTERY BESKA – is situated on the island Beska, on Skadar Lake. Monastery is consisted out of two churches: a bigger church – dedicated to St. Djordje from the XIV century, endowment of Duradj II Stratimirovic – Balsic and a smaller one – dedicated to St. Holy mother of God from 1440, the endowment of Jelena Balsic. In the monastery Beska, as well as in monastery Starcevo, scrivener’s activity was extremely developed. The most famous religious instructive manuscript was “The Anthology of Gorica” which appeared exactly in the monastery Starcevo, and the composer of that significant work was a certain Nikon Jerusalimac.

MONASTERY MORACNIK – is situated in the island with the same name on Skadar Lake. That monastery facility is for the first time mentioned in the charter of the Montenegrin ruler Balsa III, in 1417. The monastery complex was made of: the church – dedicated to the Holy mother of God, night-quarters facility, dinning room and high towers with 4 floors, enclosed with walls on which were the massive gates.

MONASTERY UPPER BRCELI – is located in the village called Brceli, in Crmnica, which is 10 kilometers away from Bar, monastery was built at the beginning of the XVIII century as a winter residence for one of the rulers of the Montenegrin dynasty Petrovic, bishop Danilo. In the complex of the monastery there is a church dedicated to the Shroud of the Holy mother of God as well as the iconostasis dated from 1928. Monastery facilities and the church are surrounded by high stonewalls. Monastery has a gate as well as a very luxurious belfry. The facility of the night – quarters is built in such way that it reminds on a typical house from Crmnica, with characteristic architectonic solutions like voults and terraces. In the monastery Upper Brceli, in Crmnica, back in 1863 a school was founded, which later was moved to a nearby monastery lower Brceli.

MONASTERY LOWER BRCELI – that ecclesiastical facility is also located in the place called Crmnica, about 10 kilometers away from Bar, in the village lower Brceli. Monastery was built in the XV century, and in its complex there is a church dedicated to St. Nikola. Below the floor of the church temple there is a room to which one entered through the opening formed in the floor of the altar. Today it is believed that that room most probably served as a dungeon, during the reign of Montenegrin emperor Scepan Mali, who later was buried in that church. In the monastery lower Brceli there used to be a primary school.

OMERBASIC`S MOSQUE – is located in the Old Bar, which is 4 kilometers away from the center of the New Bar. That ecclesiastical object was built in 1662. Omerbasic`s mosque has a simple construction, rectangular bases, with minaret which is built in the southwest wall. In the vicinity of the mosque, at the very entrance in the complex, Dervish – Hasan`s burial chamber was built. Next to it there is a smaller ground floored building, which for a long time served for residing. Next to the entrance public fountain was built, and not long after mosque house was built too, which was intended for the residing of the Muslim priest or the imam of the mosque. The whole space around Omerbasic`s mosque is surrounded by stonewall.

THE FORTRESS HAJ – NEHAJ – is located in the Spic area, not far from the place called Sutomore. Today only the remains of the fortress Haj – Nehaj, which was built in the era of the Venetian Republic on a smallish hill, high above the seashore in the XV century, are preserved. The fortress was enlarged and strengthen by the Turks. Beside the fortress there is a church of St. Dimitrije from the era of Nemanjici that used to have two altars. From the highway, which leads, to Bar, to the fortress Haj – Nehaj you can come walking.

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