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Bar Entertainment

For the amusement and the vacation of tourists, Bar is a very interesting place. Bar is especially interesting during the summer period. Along the Bar Riviera on about 20 beaches, you can have a good rest, enjoying in swimming and sunbathing, relaxing on the bolsters or lying on a bath towel in the deep shade of olive and pine trees. Your whole day staying on the beach beside swimming and sunbathing, can supplement the driving of paddleboat or driving of a rowboat, which can be rented very cheaply on almost every beach.

If you’re a fun of fast driving, so you have to test yourself in similar water sports, on certain beaches in Bar, there are exactly marked spots for scooter and motor boat drives. If you don’t have the necessary licenses which guarantee that you can practice these sports individually, ask for the help of exquisite instructors, who apart from the necessary gear and additional explanations offer you training for surfboarding.

On numerous Bar beaches there are also good conditions for the amusement of your children. Beside playing in the sand or swimming in the sea, children will amuse themselves with various accessories, playing in amusement parks, smaller pools or on the popular summer toboggans.

Apart from practicing interesting water sports, you can create your day on Bar Riviera by deciding to visit surrounding places and their beaches like: Sutomore, Canj, Dobre vode, and Petrovac.

After the summer follies on the beach, you can continue to enjoy in some of the many Bar cafes, bars, pizzerias, coastal restaurants or taverns. Whichever object you choose you won’t make a mistake. In a summer day and a yearly vacation you can enjoy if you choose to visit famous Sutomore restaurants “Sirena Marta” (“Mermaid Marta”), “Izvor” (“The Source”) or “Pirat” (“The Pirate”).

Also, in Bar and the surroundings you can find a great many modernly arranged cafes, in which during the day, and especially in the evenings various amusements are organized. Among younger tourists, there’ll sure be a great number of those, who will until late in the night enjoy dancing in the rhythms of modern music which is heard in the majority of café-bars in Bar.

It is because of the young people that in Bar from summer to summer there are more and more owners of resort facilities, who are trying to supplement programs in cafes or coffee terraces with night parties for young people, on which apart from the traditionally good (pop, rock, techno, rave, dance, fancy, house…) music, some reward contests, karaoke show – and musical quizzes are being organized. Nice and pleasant summer nights young people can spend in discotheque “Trezor” (“Vault”), as well as in night club “Paradizo”(“Paradise”) which is situated in a place called Utjeha, not far away from Bar. All resort facilities of enclosed type, are opened until late at night, very often even until 5 o’clock. If you’re not a supporter of sleepless nights, then you can spend your summer nights enjoying in appropriate dinners in Bar restaurants or taverns, after which you must see plays and listen to the concerts on the festival “Bar Chronicle” or you can attend some other cultural event like summer parties in the surrounding places and towns, or summer cooking fest on certain Bar beaches.

You can spend a very pleasant evening in Bar if you decide to go for a stroll along the coast, which goes along long path of town Riviera.

If it is something new and interesting that you wish, then we recommend that you drive off to Skadar Lake, more precisely to a place called Virpazar, and look for a horse club “Montenegro”, which has a school for riding. Skillful instructors will train you to ride, and amicable relation with the horses will be a real pleasure for you.

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