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The Festival of Vine and Bleak

Is another traditional manifestation, which is held in the interior of the municipality of Bar, more precisely in the place called Virpazar, which is several kilometers away from Bar. Considering the fact that the place Virpazar is located just next to Skadar Lake, the trademark of the manifestation from year to year is not just place Virpazar, former the most famous Montenegrin market, but the Skadar Lake entirely. To the “Festival of vine and bleak” numerous citizens from Bar, Podgorica, tourists and other visitor come, and beside the tasting of lake and river fish, enjoy in other famous and traditional specialties like: scrapples (fried, round sugary sweet), Montenegrin brandy but also the taste of well known vine from Crmnica, which is produced in Crmnica, which is several kilometers away from Virpazar. The manifestation usually lasts for a day and it is held in December.

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