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Bar Food&Drink

In Bar Riviera we have a great number of various resort compounds in which you can taste different kinds of sweet and salty specialties, traditional Montenegrin and numerous Mediterranean meals. Soups, thick soups, Mediterranean vegetables, fish prepared in various ways: cooked, salted, roasted, fried, grilled…, all kinds of meat, salty pies, fruit delicacies, sweet cookies… and what else to add to this great list, which eternally lures our stomach as well as senses of smell and taste, except that you can try every single one of these if you definitely decide to spend your next yearly vacation in Bar.

If your visit to some tourist destination is simply unimaginable without so-called „traditional lunch or supper“ which means, specialties of the region in which you’re staying, then the best solution is to visit famous hotels in Bar like: “Topolica“, “Korali“, “Biserna obala“, or some private hotel objects, and convince yourself that only in them fish can be tasteful when it swims three times: in the sea, in oil and in wine; or how grilled meat, as well as veal chop or cutlets, have a specially pleasant smell because it is prepared by skilful cooks from Bar. If to this magnificent menu we add meals prepared out of sea products, spiced with garlic, rosemary, lime, white wine, parsley or with some other typically Mediterranean spice, the invitation to try out the octopus salad or mussels fried with bread crumbs, should be enough to immediately bring you to some of the marvelous Bar restaurants like: “Knjazeva basta“(“The Prince’s garden“), “Borselina“, “Gurman“(“Gourmet“), “Kalampera“ or maybe tavern   “Canj“. Of course, these are just some of the suggestions, because the number of resort compounds in Bar that should be visited is much greater.

If you wish to try out a typically Mediterranean meal, which is rarely prepared, then we’re suggesting you that among numerous taverns that you‘ll find in Bar, you make up your mind for one in which it is possible to order a salted anchovy. Namely, that meal is prepared in such a way that anchovy – freshly taken out of the sea, without additional processing, is washed, cleaned and quite salted with sea salt. Then it is put in a deep wooden barrel, to stay there for a while. This meal is usually served as a pre-course, and it is recommended to persons who like quality food, and especially to those tourists who equally enjoy in a good meal as well as in a good drink.

For those with somewhat modest financial abilities, in Bar there are a great number of objects which offer fast food like: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pizzas, hot-dog…

Still, if you take a walk along the Bar Riviera, especially the part from Sutomore to Bar, you’ll find a large number of smaller resort compounds such as restaurants, pizzerias, snack-bars… in which you can have a nice lunch or dinner too.

In Bar there is a great number of pizzerias, in which you can order all kinds of Italian pizzas, lasagnas, spaghettis as well as some other paste specialties.

In many parts of the town there are famous pastry shops or café clubs, in which, especially during the summer months you can comfortably drink up various cocktails, ness or espresso coffee, cappuccino, fruit juices, or you can sweeten yourself with some fruit cookie, cake or ice cream.

If you wish to satisfy your senses with the spirit of Orient, then it is best that you search for several traditional resort compounds in which you can try out perfect sweets like: baklavas, tulumbs, dates, walnut sweets…

So, simply said, when it is about cooking, in Bar everything is in service of its royalty – the guest.

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