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Bar Recreation

In what ever time of the year you visit Bar, after the first day of sightseeing and getting familiar with the town, you’ll easily make a conclusion that it is an opened town. The experts in social relations, but also ordinary people, will tell you that Bar was such for centuries, so it is characterized by the features that other European and world centers have. First of all, in Bar people have harmonious relationships, so in that town the citizens of three different confessions, orthodox, catholic and Muslim, live in love and mutual respect. As any other coastal town, Bar has both architectonically and urbanistically, in the last few decades of the XX century obtained renown of the real Mediterranean good structured town.

Because of the above-mentioned facts, and many other reasons, in Bar you can really repose, relax and ease yourself in various ways. If you’re a strict supporter of healthy life style, which in the summer period usually means: sun, sea, swimming, sun bathing, strolls in nature and a lighter nutrition, then about 20 beaches of Bar is the real place for your summer vacation. Resting in easy chairs, under parasols, or simply lying in the sand in the deep shade of olive or pine trees, you will relax quickly, reminding yourself on the days when you have been planning such a vacation.

When you get a good relaxation by bathing and sunbathing in the clear sea along the beaches in Bar Riviera, we suggest that you take a break with some fruit drink or a lighter cocktail in numerous bars, which are found on the majority of the beaches in Bar, and we also suggest resting in restaurants or cafe terraces.

When the days of the vacation begin to resemble each other, we are sure that the change of the summer vacation plan will be welcomed. Considering the fact that Bar is a town of sport, you can easily organize yourself a sports day. In the center of Bar there are numerous sport fields for: football, volley ball, hand ball etc …, so if you’re very persistent and you manage to get interested some of your friends you met during your summer vacation, you can easily organize a mini contest or some interesting game.

However, it is important that you know that Bar is very famous for its nautical tourism, so in town there is a yachting club, which for several years is working very successfully. Even though nautical tourism, in Montenegro, and in Bar too is just prime, more and more young people is getting interested in this sport, so the founders of the club are trying to provide as better conditions as possible for practicing this sport. So if you’re good yachtsmen, in “Yachting club” in Bar you can easily rent a yacht with sails or arrange details about hiring of the sailing crew. So, if sailing is an old dream of yours, you don’t have to hesitate too much, because in the same club there is also a sailing school.

As well as in other coastal towns of Montenegro, in Bar too you can recreate yourself if your passion is diving. Even though until recently only trained divers, specialized police teams or just some devotee for sea depths, practiced it, diving as a sport in Bar is in greater and greater expanse.

In Bar, there are several diving clubs. In them you can find experienced instructors with licenses, which guarantee a successful training. If you’re already an experienced diver, than procurement or rental of the diving equipment will not be a problem, so you only need to consult with the instructors about which localities in Bar are the most interesting for diving.

The undersea of Bar is extremely interesting for the divers, because in Bar aquatorium and on some bigger distance from it, on very low depths, during the XIX and XX century several ships were sank. Also, on the distance somewhat bigger than a mile and a half from the Bar shore, at about 50 meters of depth, little bit more than 10 years ago a ship from the XIX century was discovered, which is attractive both for the divers and for the devotees to sea and its other attractions. Also on the cape Volujica, which encloses the Bar Harbor, even today there are shipwrecks of the French battle war ship “Dogue”, which by an accident was sank to the bottom in the year 1915. Beside the mentioned localities, in Bar there are many coves, strands, hidden cliffs or maybe still unexplored caves that are maybe just waiting to be explored. If you’re the one who wants to discover and explore them, then we suggest that you turn to Bar diving club, and go into an expedition. Beside the tourist taxi boats or barge, a rubber boat or some other sailing vessel, good will, and the desire for the adventure, you’ll need very few things.

On the other side, if your expectations from summer vacation are not projected with great ambition, and searching for a special kind of rest, get you relaxation by playing for e.g. beach volley ball. For such type of amusement Bar beaches offer ideal conditions. Perform that in the simplest way, by gathering children or friends, but also tourists that swim next to you. Split in pairs, and the fun can begin.

As summer vacation should be one of the nicer events in your memory, we are sure that you’ll remember your staying in Bar by slow walks down the Bar Riviera enjoying the pleasant breeze, which in the early eve dispels summer heat, and the scent of the sea and the coloring of the Mediterranean vegetation, and all of this compels you to stay few days longer.

For the tourists who crave for ecological landscapes, intact sites, and the nature in its full meaning, we recommend trips to for e.g. Skadar Lake or places Virpazar and Crmnica. Such trips are not hard to organize. If you crave for such type of relaxation, the best solution is to turn to Tourist agency of town Bar, to owners of private houses or villas in which you’re maybe staying or to people from Bar for the possibilities of the organization of the trip or to set yourself to such trip by you own car or using taxi or tourist van transportation. In any case, the possibilities are various, and it’s up to you to make a quick decision.

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