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When you definitely decide that you’ll spend your summer vacation on the Montenegrin coast, and after you choose a town in which you’ll stay, question like: how to fulfill your time in best possible way, or how to see and experience attractions and beauties of Montenegro may seem important. The majority of tourists make a decision for a certain tourist destination by leafing through catalogs, watching the photos of magnificent sites over the Internet, but there are also those who chose the town in which they will stay during the summer on an inducement of a friend. If some of the mentioned ways becomes the reason of your coming to Bat, we believe that after several pleasantly spent days in swimming and sunbathing on some of the 20 Bar beaches you’ll wish to discover some other exciting tourist destination, both in Bar and its nearer or farther vicinity. Those who always put the sign of equality between relaxation and adventure would say, why not? And indeed you can create such holiday for yourself, which doesn’t require too much of an effort.

Beside the enjoying and swimming on the city or hotel beaches, one day of your vacation, you can for e.g. devote to exploring of coastal parts of town Bar. The easiest way to do that is to rent some tourist taxi boat or barge and with the skillful assistance of an experienced captain, tour guide or maybe your host at whose private house or hotel you are staying, and then you can explore Bar strands, hidden crags, caves or some other nook that maybe is just waiting for you.

If you’re not too curious, and your soul is seeking for rest and tranquility, we are sure that the ride with taxi boat or barge to some hidden cove, to cape Ratac or to the beaches in Canj or Sutomore will do you good. When you reach the destination, you’ll quickly find a suitable place where you can read some summer bestseller or favorite vocational literature in silence.

If you really wish that several days of your vacation look more original, then we recommend that you go to some of the numerous tourist agencies in Bar and ask around about the possibilities of the organization of excursions. The excursions that are most frequently offered by tourist agencies are to: Virpazar, Rijeka Crnojevica, Skadar Lake, Cetinje, Montenegrin monasteries on the coast or in the interior, rafting on the river Tara… The drive to the above mentioned destinations is organized in luxurious buses or van transport. Tourist programs which apart from the excursions, whose purpose is getting to know the cultural and historical monuments or more important tourist towns of Montenegro, contain various lunch breaks, refreshment pauses… are often sold on taxi or bus stations in town, so it is possible to get a reservation or pay directly at the owner of the tourist van taxi.

Agencies also offer the possibility of the organization of one day trips by bus to Dubrovnik or Tirana, and harbor tourist agencies often advertise attractive 2 day trips with luxurious boats which stage towards Italy on line Bar – Bari or Bar – Ancona.

A very significant place for the navigators (sailors) and devotees to the sea, and especially for the tourist from Italy is harbor of Bar, which is a special yachting center. Across the passengers floodgate of the harbor for already 40 years the passenger’s relation between Montenegro  and Italy is successfully carried out. The most significant place in the setting of the harbor is Bar’s marina, the biggest marina in Montenegro. Its capacity is 900 pier pillars. Since 2004 beside the already mentioned marina there is also marina St. Nikola, property of the company OMC. The marina St. Nikola is unique on the Mediterranean because in harbor hangars it owns winter quarters for yachts, as well as the biggest travel lift of weight of 260 tones. Passengers` line Bar –Bari and Bar – Ancona is maintained every day during the summer period, while during the autumn, winter and spring months, passenger ships operate on that relation only two days a week.

If you do not wish to leave the coast, then there are numerous ways that the several days of your summer vacation you reserve for acquainting with the other towns of the Montenegrin South. With you personal or cab transportation you can go to Petrovac very quickly. It is just about 15 kilometers away from Bar, and in it you can find nicely arranged beaches, on which you can swim and sunbathe all day long. If you continue you search for new destinations, after Petrovac at about 20 kilometers further is Budva, the metropolis of the Montenegrin tourism and the most visited summer destination. Also, by using various kind of transportation you can reach ancient Kotor, pleasant Mediterranean town Tivat or Herceg Novi. If you wish to go in a quite opposite direction, using your personal car, a taxi or a tourist taxi van, we recommend that you feel the spirit of Orient in the ancient Ulcinj.

If the first days of your summer vacation make a “sea addict”, it would be good that after the tours of Bar beaches, strands or coves, you embark yourself on some tourist boat and go for a cruise to Ulcinj or maybe Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi and where ever the trip leads you.

For the tourist for whom walking or fast-paced walking have never been a problem, we suggest that you spend one day in nature, which you can only find on Montenegrin coast, more precisely we suggest that you visit the fortress Haj – Nehaj in place Sutomore. The fortress that was initially owned by Venetians and then by the Turks, today it is almost completely neglected and is situated on a hill. The fortress is very well seen from the highway Bar – Petrovac and vice versa. That is a place which can be very interesting because of its thick vegetation which surround the fortress, as well as for the uphill towards it, which surely to the supporters of walking and of healthy life will not be a problem.

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