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Kotor History

Kotor Legend

Kotor is a town with many diverse stories and legends. Its almost every part, every stone with which its streets are paved, palaces which surround certain parts of the town, monuments which it has, can tell a very nice story, a true story or some catch.

Already when we pronounce the word Kotor, we immediately recollect other parts (lodgments), which are also parts of Kotor like: Perast, Prcanj, Risan, Dobrota etc.

So when we are mentioning Dobrota, here is a story about its foundation:

Two travelers, who were traveling around the world, came to the grey sea. As they were already exhausted from the long trip, they sat on some kind of a rock to get some rest and to refresh themselves. One of them moved a little bit t a side and noticed a plaque with some inscription on it. The inscription said: “Measure 10 lengths dig and stop”. When they read that, they wondered what could that be, so they started to guess together what that instruction could mean. At one moment they came to an idea to measure 10 lengths with the plaque, and so they did. When they measured the required length, they started to dig a small hole in the ground and they found some kind of a small chest.They tried to open it, but to their astonishment, the chest opened by itself.

At the bottom of the chest with golden letters it was written “this is everyone goodness”. For a long time they thought what they should do?! Whether to stay where they are, or to continue their journey? Still, as the message was like some kind of a vow, they stayed in the place where they have found the message. At the same place they quickly made a cottage, and went to sleep.

During the night something very strange happened. From the wooden chest, some new shiny letters glimmered. The new message said: “Wish whatever you want before sleep”!!! As both of the travelers from the beginning of the story were poor, they wished for nice stone houses and beautiful wives. When they woke up in the morning they were speechless. They saw a white castle and a woman on the window looking towards the sea. They immediately moved into the new home, and continued to live in ease. Since that, every night before they went to sleep they wished for another nice house, of which every morning one emerged.

That is how Dobrota, near Kotor, was founded.

Stone houses and numerous palaces, which later were built, are the most beautiful details of Dobrota.


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