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Kotor Entertainment

Of all the towns on the Montenegrin coast, by the number of cafés Kotor is number one. Beside the city cafés, Kotor has a great number of open cafés, which are situated mostly along the shore, and are especially visited in summer nights. They are most often visited by young people who are craving for entertainment and fast life style, but it is not rare that you can meet also older people, who wish to sense the spirit of youth, to drink a cappuccino, espresso, or ness cafe, which is solely served in Kotor cafés or café terraces. In the vicinity of the Old town, the most famous Kotor discothèque “Secondo porto” is situated, which is visited late at night by young people and those who yearn for contemporary music dances and popular music. Discothèque guarantees a complete indulgence, relaxation, and satisfaction. During the summer months there is also another discothèque that works and that is discothèque Malibu. So you can see that the night life in Kotor is very active.

For those who are in more serious ages of life, Kotor offers nice facilities such as open terraces, in which traditional Montenegrin specialties are served. In Kotor you can also find a great number of restaurants which offer tasteful fish specialties, in which you can also spend pleasant nights in a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere with someone you love or with some close friends.

In decent restaurants with the sounds of old town music, Mediterranean notes and traditional sound of Montenegrin folk music, you will for sure have a top notch entertainment.

Kotor is specific also by the traditional spirit of its citizens. The sparkling spirit of people from Kotor is noticeable in every place in the town, and what is most interesting is the loud talk of people from Kotor, when they meet some old and some new friends. That loud talk is known under a term CAKULANJE (parley).

The entertainment life in Kotor is made special by a great number of music concerts, which are organized in some of the museums, old Kotor churches and halls for concert music playing. During the summer months there are a large number of fisherman’s fiestas that are organized in Kotor. In Kotor we also have carnivals, summer nights in which various kinds of entertainments, starting from children entertainments to manifestations for young people and plays for the adults, which are being organized.

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