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Kotor Food & Drink

The most typical Mediterranean cuisine, as the national cuisine in Montenegro, is originally called, you can try out in Kotor. There almost isn’t a restaurant, a smaller open terrace, hotel terrace or Kotor fiesta, on which doesn’t serve Kotor specialties. We are suggesting, that as soon as you come to Kotor, you try the domestic fish thick soup (it is usually prepared from the cooked fish trout). That is actually one type of fish soup, with bigger pieces of fish, with rice and various additives that give the meal a dark red color and a sharp scent which lurks you very much to try that meal, even if you are not a great fish fun.

Of sweet treats people from Kotor will give you “frustula” (a crunchy, dry, sweet cookie of rhombus shape), but the most famous meal are Kotor’s “njoke” (pasta specialty), which are mostly served during the big and famous Kotor carnivals.

Except the traditional Montenegrin cuisine which is made of: smoked ham, cheese, olives and famous red and white vines, in Kotor you can try also all other kinds of specialties. In almost every hotel, or restaurant, or café you can order all kinds of Italian pizzas, and also they offer other Italian specialties.

In the menus of all Kotor hotels and restaurants you can find almost all fish specialties and meals that are made of sea fruits: octopus salad, rice with sea fruits, fish thick soups, lobsters, grilled squids, various kinds of sea fish etc…

Because the cuisine in Kotor is mostly Mediterranean, with almost all fish specialties, cooks use the additives which make the smell and the taste of the Mediterranean cuisine even more special. Those are: lemon, parsley, basil, rosemary, garlic, as well as other additives which make the meal healthy and tasteful for trying.

Your enjoyment and impression about Kotor will reach the climax, when after only one day spent in Kotor, you sum up your impressions in some of its hotels or restaurants, trying out one after another specialty and delicacies that you didn’t know that they exist.

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