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Kotor Recreation

If you are looking for an ideal place for rest from the fast way of life, then you mandatory have to visit Kotor. The morning life is pretty much fixed, and all the streets, of both Old town and city Riva, in the evenings become over flown with the walkers and all those to whom nights out represent a rule which is not to be broken.

The main place where everyone meets is city Riva, along which you can often see the people that you have just met or where you can make new contacts and acquaintances. From the city Riva further on you have a narrow traffic street or the “lower road ” towards the place called Dobrota, which is about 7 km long, and is ideal for walkers, bicycle riders as well as for jogging.

During the summer especially interesting places are Prcanj, Stoliv, Perast, and Risan. Those places are found from both sides of Kotor harbor. It is as if they were made for the lovers of relaxation and quietude. Considering the fact that in Kotor there are bi sandy beaches, you can easily get a ride to some of the Tivat beaches by taxis, taxi vans, barges or boats. In Tivat the beaches are numerous but we will leave the choice to you. We will only suggest some of them: Plavi horizonti, Kalardovo, or Oblatno.

If that is not the destination to which you wish to go, you can go towards Herceg Novi, and spend a pleasant summer day in that town. For swimming and sun bathing outside Kotor, we are of course suggesting the metropolis of tourism, Budva. Up to Budva there are 25 km and to Herceg Novi 35 km. When you are on vacation everything is close, it is up to you to choose with what type of transportation you will reach the desired destination: taxi, taxi van, taxi boat, or barge, or maybe with your own car. Also during the summer longer trips are organized by the traveler’s ship “Jovan” which during the whole season is anchored in Kotor harbor and offers cruising towards Herceg Novi or through Tivat and Budva towards Bar.

Kotor is also a sports town. It is most famous by water polo, because for a long time they have the water polo school “Primorac”. That club owns an indoor Olympic pool and the open pool in the sea which is close to Kotor harbor. In Kotor there is also a football stadium and as well as the terrains for little sports.

In the recent years in Kotor the sailing competition has been revived. Regattas are being organized, and in the sailing club “Lahor” (Breeze) once again we have successful sailors growing. There is also a diving club “Zubatac” (Dentex) in which you have a possibility of renting the gear. Next to the channel of bay of Boka Kotorska, the water is calm and in the last few winters, that is an ideal place for preparations of the oarsmen, mostly teams from Russia.

Kotor is an interesting place for the mountain lovers. Towards the peak Sveti Ivan (St. Ivan), above Kotor, you have a path for the funs of hiking. The path goes further towards curve Krstac on the mountain Lovcen (height 965 m), where from you go further towards Pestingrad (1098 m) or towards the Jezerski vrh ((Lake Peak)1657 m), second highest on Lovcen, where the magnificent mausoleum of Petra II Petrovic Njegos, Montenegrin ruler and poet, is situated. Such hikes are organized by the Kotor club “Pestigrad” which is working with great dedication on the development of the free climbing and marking of the paths in Kotor and the surrounding for hiking.

In Kotor there is also a city park, beside the sea. It has the accessories for children, with a lot of benches for rest.

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