The question is not “why visit Montenegro?”. The question is – how come you haven’t already visited Montenegro?

Montenegro is a small country, bursting with beauties of different kinds. Tara canyon, the deepest in Europe will amaze you with its springs, cascades, streams, whirlpools, and emerald green water. Rafting along Tara is one of the most popular tourist activities that offers the best views of the canyon.

Djurdjevica Tara Bridge is a concrete arch bridge over the Tara River in northern Montenegro. 365m long and the roadway stands 172 metres above the river. Aerial panorama.

If you would rather enjoy the canyon from afar, head to the top of mountain Curevac (1625m). Other canyons– Nevidio, Mrtvica, situated along National Park Durmitor are smaller but equally breathtaking. Some of them will move your boundaries and make you feel like true champions when you conquer them, as they are extreme at places.

Northern area is a heaven for hiking, biking, trekking, or driving mountain scooters. Put on your hiking shoes to explore the nature with character. You will be astonished with carving ability of beautiful, surreally green pristine rivers that ripped off the mountains and created deep curvy canyons. You will fall in love with the untouched rainforest around Bjelasica National Park, the ice-cold lakes out of which the Black Lake is the most popular, vivid caves, such as Lipska Cave and fascinating contrasts of tame and wild nature. You will not resist the urge to conquer mountain peaks that ascend to the sky – Savin Kuk or Jezerski vrh at Prokletije. You will want to go into the woods, to the lake and up the hill, through the pine trees and down the limestone… The scenery that is interchanging all the time sometimes seems both bizarre and dreamlike. The only constant in this area is the feeling of awe. You can take a horse ride, stay in one of many ethno villages, go paragliding, zip lining over the lakes or canyons and have a bird’s eye perspective over this miraculous landscape.

Aerial view at a beautiful lake in the mountains. Black Lake, Montenegro.

Montenegrin coast is bursting with gorgeous scenery. Massifs that sharply drop into the sea, ancient city walls that are tucked in between the mountains and the water, stone and pebble beaches stuck in the secluded bays, glittering sea caves, picturesque islands and peninsulas cherishing legends and stories of love and affection are just a bit of the magnificence the coast has to offer.

Aerial view of Budva Riviera and Sveti Stefan in autumn

Montenegro had different civilizations fighting over it as it has been standing on the edge between the east and the west. History lovers will have lots to explore here: Roman floor mosaics in Risan, Illyrian castles, Venetian stone walls in Kotor, Budva, Perast, Herceg Novi, Ulcinj.  Appreciators of multiculturalism will want to visit Montenegro, as in here they can find orthodox monasteries in between the ornamental catholic churches, and mosque minarets. Numerous powers that fought over these lands left their marks in architecture, culture, tradition, gastronomy… Old towns are like history museums.

Conquest was a factor in shaping Montenegrin cuisine. As societies blended together, culinary practices were adapted and conformed, resulting eventually in the adoption of the current culinary identifiers of the Montenegrin cuisine that uses a lot of olive oil and seafood due to the close proximity of the Mediterranean Sea, parcel, laurel, marjoram, mint, saffron and lemon. As you go north, the grilled meet, prosciutto and cheese prevail.

Don’t forget to taste Montenegrin wines. Skadar Lake is the best place for wine tasting – Vranac and Krstac are the most popular local products.

Karuč – small fisherman village on Lake Skadar

Many culture events are organized during the summer – carnivals, traditional nights, festivals of local food and wine and fireworks are common in this part of the year. Young people can enjoy concerts under the stars. Night life is rich especially in Budva and Kotor. If you like gambling, there are casinos. Any type of fun can be found in Montenegro.

Montenegro has quality and affordable accommodation. You can choose between luxurious or modest hotels, villas and resorts, private accommodation, and hostels. All types of accommodation are well organized, clean and reasonably priced.

Montenegro is easy to be reached – it’s main international airports are located in Tivat and Podgorica. However, you can reach it easy via Dubrovnik Airport (Croatia).

Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and mild and humid winters is convenient as it allows a perfect amount of sunny days. The best time to visit Montenegro is May, when temperatures are around 25°C (77°F). In July and August, it goes above 35°C, with the water temperature above 19°C which is a perfect refreshing temperature.

Montenegro is a small country, full of exquisitely beautiful places, rich in diversities, history, interesting events, activities, adventures, dramatic contrasts. It offers local gastronomy – tasty meals that differ in different regions of the country, and full bodied wines. Montenegro offers luxury and modesty, DJ, rock, traditional and classic music. It is so small that you can combine various activities in completely different surroundings – at the cost, at lakes, rivers, mountains, virgin forests, canyons and caves. Choose to visit Montenegro because it’s safe and welcoming.

So, the question is – how come you haven’t already visited Montenegro? What are you waiting for?