Big city park – one part of your vacation in Tivat, we suggest that you dedicate to a round about of the town’s park, which is situated in the vicinity of the beach Przno. The reason for such visit could be a fact, that there can never be enough of recreation and the walks in nature. Still, the knowledge about the Big city park, or the green oasis, as this place is also called, we will complement with a story that the park owns the biggest botanical garden in the South Adriatic. That it is indeed so, confirm the records that the park encloses the space of 4 ha.

The park was made on the land of the famous Tivat noble families Radali and Lukovic. The botanic garden is better known as Navy Park. It is interesting to point out that the commander of the War navy of the Austro – Hungarian monarchy, admiral Maksimilijan Daubleski fon Sternek , in 1892., came to an idea to cultivate the surrounding of the former military shipbuilding industry and the war fleet better known under the name Tivat Arsenal, with flowers. Namely, in 1892. Admiral fon Sternek issued an order with which he ties all the captains of the Austro – Hungarian navy, to bring from their travels the specimen of various herbs and plants.

Entrance to Big City Park, Tivat
Entrance to Big City Park, Tivat

After their cruising over the far away seas, in Tivat after a while, the specimen of various exotic herbs were brought, which are even today found in the Tivat botanical garden. Today, in the Big Tivat city park there are several specimen of very rear and valuable plants like: Chile fir, various kinds of arises, cedars, pines, palms, magnolias, and other kinds of attractive trees, herbs and vegetation.

The Big city park in Tivat is the only facility that is protected, in the area of Tivat. The decision about that dated from the 1968. year. Still, lately the idea that even better decision about the protection and revitalization of the park should be brought, is heard, which according to the announcements will soon be a task of the municipality of Tivat and the Bureau for the protection of the nature of Montenegro.

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