Tivat along with Kotor is the second town, which unreservedly cherishes the Mediterranean, coastal, and mostly original Boka cuisine. In numerous hotels, restaurants, taverns or private houses in Tivat, where you will stay as a guest or just an accidental visitor, not only that they will try to convince you, but they will immediately offer you with the tasteful food and various delicious things from Boka. In the honor of the first meeting, when as a guest you’re staying in Tivat, you will be offered with the domestic grape brandy, some sweet liqueur, “frustula” (a sweet crunchy cake), unavoidable olives or olive oil, depending on the occasion and the time of the day.

For the main course especially during the summer you will be given grilled fish, just caught in the Tivat bay.

Don’t think too long whether to try something completely new, but except everything that the head of the house are offering you and presenting you as a traditional Montenegrin or Mediterranean cuisine. You will not make a mistake if you choose rice with sea fruits, (it is made from cooked rice, mussels, other smaller sea fruits, with a mandatory olive oil…). That meal attracts with its colorfulness and pleasant smell so its taste turns into a real harmony of summer pleasure.

However, when we are talking about food and gastronomy Tivat is specific by yet another very tasteful meal, which gastronomes and devotees of healthy meal recommend gladly. It is the meal called “zucenica” (endive), a unique, native, coastal plant, of dark green color, which is picked by hand on the meadows or hill slopes. It is a greenish plant; with branchy leafs, from which most often people make salads. The simplest preparation of “zucenica” (endive) is to cook it (but not to much), cool it well, drain and season it with garlic and olive oil. It is a very simple way to prepare salad made of “zucenica” (endive). There are many other tasteful specialties that are made of “zucenica” (endive). That “zucenica” (endive) is very important in Tivat, confirms the information that soon there will be organized a festival dedicated to that plant.

Also there are a great number of Tivat hotels and restaurants in which you can try very tasteful specialties made of meat like: chops, cutlets, and various kinds of roasted meat… If you are a vegetarian, majority of chefs in Tivat restaurant and hotel facilities will offer you a great number of specialties made of fruit, vegetables or fish.

For the lovers of the intimate atmosphere the most suitable are numerous, well arranged and well known for their hospitality and services, famous Tivat restaurants. After sunbathing and swimming in the clean Tivat Sea, you can decide to have a lunch in some of the numerous restaurants. In order to help you to choose we will mention only few names of some Tivat restaurants: “Galeb” (Gull), “Izlet” (Picnic), “Kalimanj”, “Montenegro”, “Splendido”, as well as the taverns like “Bacchus” or “Maestral” (Minstrel).

After a good lunch or dinner, we suggest that you wash down the food with the glass of some of the traditional Montenegrin white vines like: “Krstac”, “Cherdonay”, or “Sauvignon”, or with a glass of some of the red vines like: “Vranac”, “Merlot”, “Prokordem” or “Cabernet”.

Also, nice and pleasant rest, with easy Italian supper in the company of your dear ones, you can spend in numerous Tivat pizzerias like: “As”, “Lav” (Leo), “Pine”, “Renesansa” (Renascence), “Zodiak” (Zodiac)… In pizzerias you can try tasteful Italian pizzas, lasagnas, piroshki and other kinds of Italian and other specialties made of dough. After a good lunch or dinner, if you do not take much consideration about how many calories have you taken in or if you are not afraid of getting some kilos extra, we warmly recommend that you go to some of the Tivat café – pastry shops like: “Biser” (Pearl), “Minjon” (Mignon), or “Pine” and taste some of the sweets that they have.

In order not to forget to tell you an important thing, it is useful to know, so that you wouldn’t find that strange, that the chefs and the waiters have a custom to tell you in our native language “Dobro Vam ucinjelo” (May the food do you well), which is a traditional toast, which in shortest translation actually means “bon appetite”! And indeed Bon Appetite!