In Tivat there are a great number of shops, where you can dress modernly or by modern footwear of famous European or world fashion designers. The largest number of shops is situated downtown in Tivat. The footwear shops, shops with clothes, costume and other jewelry, are situated next to one another, in line from one or the other side of the street in the center of Tivat. In the same line there are also modernly equipped boutiques, which offer you the newest models and clothes of the famous creators and designers.

Beside female clothes, in Tivat boutiques you can find quality male wardrobe as well as modern, comfortable clothes and footwear for children and youth. The owners of Tivat boutiques compete in the height of the price and in the difference of the prices, so in the majority of Tivat boutiques the prices are almost equal.

Apart from the modern and quality wardrobe, boutiques in Tivat offer you a great selection of purses, gallantry, leader, beach equipment and a rich selection of the newest models of swimming suits.

In Tivat there are numerous cosmetic and perfume shops, as well as the hairdressing, and beauty and massage saloons. Besides boutiques and selling facilities, in center of Tivat there are numerous jewelry shops, photo shops, souvenir shops, shops for artistic work and handicraft work, art galleries etc.

Also in the center of Tivat there is a bazaar of consumer goods. If you wish to trade at somewhat more acceptable prices, on numerous stands on the bazaar almost all kinds of articles are sold. After the market there is a green market, on which you can buy: fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, various kinds of Mediterranean fish caught in Tivat bay. As in Tivat for ages the tradition of planting trees, growing flowers and Mediterranean growth, in town and out of it you can see a great number of flower shops.

Also, in the center of the town there are numerous food industry shops, bakeries, pastry shops and other stores in which you can buy the necessary life supplies.