Tivat is characteristic by the typically Mediterranean climate, with mild but rainy and warm summers without clouds. The average year air temperature is 15'C. In Tivat averagely there are 115 days in a year with the temperature above 30'C. The swimming season lasts for 180 days. The sea in Tivat has dark blue color. The salinity is 28%. The height of the waves is 0.5m while the waves higher that 2m are very rare.

Tourists today largely conquer Tivat, because on its beautiful beaches they can pleasantly rest, sunbathe and swim. Also, calm and warm Tivat Sea is suitable for swimming and for water sports like: skiing, sailing and canoeing… Besides the domestic and foreign guests, frequent guests in Tivat are neighboring people from Kotor, who especially in summer like to walk down the sunny and airy promenades, or they wish to rest in the blessings of the sun, sea, and nature on some of the numerous Tivat beaches.

On Tivat Riviera there are 17 nicely arranged beaches, which with its contents can satisfy the pickiest guests. The total surface of the beaches is 31.200 m2. We are sure that at least one part of the beaches you will gladly see during your first meeting with Tivat. The sandy shore on which the majority of the beaches lies, is surrounded by green and thick vegetation and by sun beams, which with numerous tourist resort contents like: beach bars, terraces, restaurants, mini vacation areas, beach equipment, children park playgrounds… makes a beach on which you stay more desirable and attractive from the one that you imagine.

If you decide that Tivat could be the place which you want to meet, or in which you plan to spend your vacation, then we recommend that you visit some of the gorgeous beaches of Tivat bay, which except by the beauty stand out by the greatness of conformity.

Tivat beaches are: Opatovo (500 m²), Donja Lastva (1. 000 m²), the beach in front of the hotel “Kamelija” (2. 000 m²), Cape Seljanovo (1.700 m²), the beach of the hotel “Mimosa” (350 m²), the beach of the hotel “Palma” (2.400 m2), Belane (1.200 m²), Bonici (250 m²), Zupa (500 m²), Mulo oko, (200 m²), Ostrvo cvijeca (1. 200 m²), Kaladrovo (4.200 m²), Sveti Marko (4.000 m²), St. Ciglana (500 m²), Plavi horizonti (8. 500m²), Krasici (1.500 m²) and the beach Oblatno (1.200 m2).

Hotel beaches are usually situated next to the hotels and in the very town. Tivat beaches, which in their names have the names of capes or islands, are several kilometers away from the town. If you’re staying in a hotel, we assume that you will rest on the hotel beaches, but if you wish to experience a true adventure then our suggestion would be to visit beaches “Plavi horizonti” (Blue horizons) or the beach on the Island Sveti Marko (St. Marko). Using your own car, taxi ride or tourist boat or barge, which are anchored in the Tivat port you can come to the beach “Plavi horizonti” or the beach “Przno” as the local people call it. The beach “Plavi horizonti” is considered to be the most attractive beach on the Montenegrin coast. It is situated in the south part of the Tivat bay. It is in the open sea, and immediately next to it is the hotel “Plavi horizonti”. Very small sand in which the beach “Plavi horizonti” abounds in is suitable for the healing of the rheumatic disorder, so recently the beach is even more interesting to numerous swimmers.

Considering the fact that the beach is spread over 8.500 m2, of very attractive space, beside the usual beach equipment (parasols, easy chairs, showers…) visitors are offered with special plateaus on the rocks. On those plateaus usually rest tourists who like a more discrete atmosphere. The beach “Plavi horizonti” is naturally sheltered from the winds. The great number of parks and a pine forest, which provides ideal conditions for camping, surrounds it. Numerous domestic and foreign tourists thrilled with their staying and with the conditions on the beach, from year to year have made the beach “Plavi horizonti” turn into a famous Tivat and Montenegrin vacation area. As near the beach there is a hotel, the beach “Plavi horizonti” also got the international acknowledgement for the quality – a “Blue flag”.

Island of Our Lady of Mercy and Sveti Marko Island
Island of Our Lady of Mercy and Sveti Marko Island

The second beach that you must visit is the beach on the Island Sveti Marko or the Island Stradioti, as it used to be called. Today it is a mysterious green island, situated in the south channel of the Tivat bay. In 1962. on the island a tourist lodgment with 500 Tahiti houses, without water and electricity, were made. The Island of Sveti Marko, for decades was an exclusive facility under the lease of the French club “Mediteranee”. Until the war broke out on the territory of the former SFRJ – in 1991., the guests of the island were mostly young people – adventurers. Apart from sunbathing and swimming they spent their vacation enjoying in various water sports, while numerous animators would cheer them up with different cultural – entertaining shows and spectacles. Ostrvo Sveti Marko used to be visited by 1.000 tourists a day. Today it is a completely different situation. It is abandoned, and the tourist facilities that are built on it are overgrown with weed and shrubbery. The Island is completely left to the ravages of time, and it is waiting to be bought. If you still wish that the visit to the Island Sveti Marko to become a part of your adventurous quest, we recommend that you use the services of tourist taxi boats or barges, which are anchored in the Tvat harbor. Additional information you can get in the Tourist organization Tivat or in some of the numerous tourist agencies.

Also, the information about what is the safest and easiest way to reach the destination of Sveti Marko, we are sure that you can get from the hospitable, kind and always ready for conversation, people from Tivat.

If you intend to extend your summer vacation, or you decide to make one day of your vacation different, then we suggest that beside the Tivat ones you visit the beaches of other coastal towns. Simply – use the arrangements of tourist taxi boats or barges, that offer one day excursions from Tivat to beaches in Herceg Novi, Budva, Bar, or Ulcinj. Whatever you decide you will not make a mistake. Wherever you go, don’t forget – Tivat is still faithfully waiting for you!