In Tivat we have numerous monuments of great historical and cultural value. Those are mostly catholic and orthodox temples, of which mostly churches and monasteries stand out.

Also, in Tivat, more specifically in Tivat field, a very important archeological discovery, the representative locality better known by the name “Mala gruda” (Little soil). The found exhibits and many valuable items, among which we have: golden dagger, silver ax, golden pendant for the ruler’s diadem etc., date mostly from the early Bronze Age that is, 1900 – 1800 year B.C.

Lady of Mercy Island

Is situated between the shore Krtoli and the Island Sveti Marko (St. Marko). One half of the island is occupied by the complex of the convent, which is dedicated to the Virgin – Lady of Mercy. Even though it is not known when the earliest sacral edifice on the island was built, it is important to point out that till the end of the XIX century, the island was the residence of the Kotor’s bishops. In the monumental fond of the convent, the ancient wooden statue, of the miraculous Virgin – blesses Lady of Mercy, is found.

Our Lady of Mercy Island, Tivat
Our Lady of Mercy Island, Tivat

The complex of the monastery Sv. Arhandjel Mihailo (St. Archangel Michael)

The remains of the monastery, dating from the middle century, are found on the peninsula Prevlaka (Coating) or Ostrvo cvijeca (Island of flowers), near Tivat. Monastery was built on the remains of the benediction temple and it marked the most important epoch in the development of Tivat area, from IX to XIV century. From the middle of the XII century the Serbian saint Sava, has enthroned the Zeta episcopacy. In the year 1452. the monastery on Prevlaka was ruined by the Venetians. Several years ago he archeological digging and researches were started on the peninsula and they are still going on. The archeologists, so far, have managed to find the mosaics from the antique period. On the eats side of the monastery in the XIX century, the church of St. Trinity was built, which used to be the ownership of the historically important person of Tivat, Countess Ekatarina Vlastelinovic.

The church of Sveti Luka

Is found on the hill above Tivat village Gosici. The assumptions are that on that hill there used to be an Illyrian edifice. The written apprehensions state the fact, that on the place of today’s church of Sveti Luka, in the middle of the XIV century there used to be a benediction convent, and in 1776. in the same place there used to be also an old edifice, which later was repaired and expanded. Until the middle of the XIX century the church of Sveti Luka was decorated by paintings. Among the monumental treasure there is a felon, richly decorated with golden embroidery, a gift of the Montenegrin ruler Petar I Petrovic Njegos.

The church of St. Lady

Is found in the Tivat village Radovici. Even though for the years of its construction 1594. and 1605. are mentioned, the church was built in 1843. It is assumed that in the earlier period (XVI or XVII century), in the place of today’s church of St. Lady, there used to be an older temple. The church has a belfry with a big clock in the middle.

The churches of Sveti Jovan and Ivan

Are situated in the Tivat village Bogisici. Even though the years of its construction is not mentioned, it is known that the Church of St. Ivan is older, and that in it the religious rituals were done by the both orthodox and catholic priests. In that church the remains of the medieval frescoes were found. The church of St. Jovan is found immediately next to the church of St. Ivan. Only the fence even today separates the mentioned churches.

The church of Sveti Petar

Is situated in the Tivat village Bodgasici. In the area of the village there used to be an enthroned benediction abbey. Still, one inscription, written in the old Slav language, testifies about the construction of the temple during the period of ruling of the Zeta bishop Neofit in 1268. – 1269. In churches there are numerous frescoes being preserved. Some of them, which are considered to be better fine art achievements of the XIII century, are very damaged. On the vault of the church Sveti Petar, the composition named Coming down of the St. Ghost on the apostles, is placed.

The church of Sveti Srdja, Nikola and Dimitrije

Is found in the place called Djurdjevo brdo (Djuradj`s hill), above Tivat. Some 10 housed surround the church, and it was built in the first half of the IX century. The church of Sveti Srdja, Nikola and Dimitrije, even though it is neglected and unused today, it is still a significant cultural – historic monument, and at the same time along with the village in which it is situated, represents a very valuable urban corpus of Tivat.

The church of Sveti Antun

Is situated in the part of the Tivat, which is called Kalimanj. The church is a part of the summer cottage house Pima Pasquali, a distinguished Kotor noble family. Even though by the size it is the smallest church in Tivat, its importance is great. On the vault of the belfry, the inscription dating from 1373., in which the name of the King Tvrtko (the founder of Herceg Novi) is mentioned, is engraved. The interior of the church of Sveti Antun, used to be completely covered with frescoes, which were damaged by the humidity. From the left and the right side of the church walls, there were 14 coats of arms of the old Kotor noble families painted.

The church of Sveti Antun Padovanski

Was raised in 1734. Today it represents the social center of the lodgment Tripovici. The church owns a district bureau and a very nicely paneled yard. It is situated on the hill, from which a beautiful view goes over the west part of the bay of Boka Kotorska. In the church the painting of Sveti Petar and Sveti Pavle, the work of the Italian painter Francesco is being preserved. The supporting altar of the church was built in the glory of the Lady of Rozario.

The church of Sveti Mihovil

Is situated in Tivat, in the immediate vicinity of the court and the tower of the noble family Buca. It is made of stone.

The church of Sveta Marija

Is found in the place called Gornja Lastva, close to Tivat. According to the written sources, it was built in XV century.

The church of Sveti Vid

Is situated on the hill Sveti Vid, above the place called Gornja Lastva. Even though the church dates from the 1327. year, the experts think that the way of its construction makes us think that the church might have been built even earlier, in the Byzantium age.

The church of the Lady of Angels

Is situated on the stone crag of the sea gorge Verige. Even though in the written documents, as the year of construction of the church the year 1585. is stated, the church probably existed even earlier. It is interesting that around the church a defense wall was built. It had a crenel, which was used as a fortification and a guard tower from which the passage through Verige was controlled. The Lady of Angels among people was often called Lady of Oriz, that is, Lady of Smiles, because according to a legend, on the faces of the sailors, who through Verige sailed in on their own territory a smile and pleasure would appear.

The church of Sveti Rok

Is situated on the very shore of the sea in Tivat’s place Donja Lastva.  It was built in 1901. In the church a very interesting icon of Sveti Trifun is preserved.  It is a work of a Greek icon painter. Also, in the church of Sveti Rok, an altar painting, a work of icon painter Mihailo Floria from Prcanj is preserved.

The church of Sveti Sava

Is one of the youngest churches in Tivat. It is found in the very center of the town. It started to be built in 1938. and it was finished in 1967. year.