Gornja Lastva is a nice Tivat village, which is especially interesting for touring during the summer season. Today, Gornja Lastva, close to Tivat represents an especially valuable rural area. The village Gornja Lastva is situated at 300 meters above sea level, in the hinterland of Tivat, on the slopes of the hill Vrmac.

In the Statute of the town Kotor, Gornja Lastva is mentioned in the XVI century, as a part of the Kotor district. The village Gornja Lastva, has about 20 stone houses, which are very simply built. In the majority of the village yards you can see the trellises of grape, interior gardens, stone benches and some water cistern. In Gornja Lastva there is a church dedicated to the Birth of the Holy mother of God, built in baroque style. The village square was used for various festivities and parties, as well as for the trading.

Today the village and its inhabitants are especially interesting for the researchers of the traditional coastal building. In the recent years, in Gornja Lastva the members of the NGO “Expeditio” are organizing international architectonic workshops. The village Gornja Lastva, close to Tivat, from year to year, more and more, attracts numerous tourists and visitors. The reason for that are traditional “Festivities of Lastva” which are organized in August. It is a cultural – artistic manifestation, which has for a goal cherishing of culture, tradition and cuisine of Boka Kotorska. The visitors can enjoy in listening of the authentic music from Boka, in folk round dances, and folk games, and the funs of culture have the opportunity to see the exhibitions of the paintings of Tivat fine art creators

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