The island with a nice beach is situated west from the Tivat peninsula Prevlaka (Coating). To the island you can come by a tourist taxi boats or barges, which are usually anchored in the Tivat harbor. The Island Sveti Marko, today is a mysterious green island, on which in 1962, a tourist lodgment with 500 Tahiti houses with no electricity and water were built. The Island Sveti Marko for decades was an exclusive facility under the lease of the French club “Mediterranee”.

Until the war in the area of SFRJ, (until 1991.) the guests of the island were mostly young people – adventurers, who along with the sun bathing and swimming spent their vacation enjoying in various water sports, while the numerous animator cheered them up with cultural – entertaining shows and spectacles. There used to be a hundred visitors a day on the Island Sveti Marko. Today it is a completely different story. It is abandoned, and the tourist facilities, which were built on it, are overgrown with weed and grass. The island is entirely left to the ravages of time and it waits to be bought.

Island of Our Lady of Mercy and Sveti Marko Island
Island of Our Lady of Mercy and Sveti Marko Island

Still, if you have adventurer’s ambitions, go to this island, at least because of the beach, which will enchant you with its look.

The Island Sveti Marko is differently called Stradioti, because according a legend on the island there used to be a camp of the Venetian soldiers of Greek origins, and from there stems that name (Stradiotes – soldier).

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