It would probably sound strange in other destinations when someone would tell you that an extremely interesting and tourist attractive place of your tour could be a consulate of a former state. Such a thing is possible to do in Tivat. Namely, the Consulate of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, which is more of a museum memory of the past period (1945. – 1989.), today is situated not far away from the promenade Pine in Tivat.

The Consulate is opened almost three years ago, and the honorable consul Marko Perkovic has tried to make this place interesting for the people nostalgic for Yugoslavia as well as for the young people who almost don’t have any information about the former communist product – Yugoslavia. Lately, especially from May to October, the Consulate of SFRJ in Tivat, is interesting for tourists also. In the consulate you can see flags, uniforms of the former president of SFRJ, Josip Broz Tito, and in front of the Consulate there is one of the more prestigious vehicles in which Tito was driven, better known as the state limousine form the 1960’s. In the building of the Consulate you can see numerous symbols, which remind on the past days of the former Yugoslavia. You can also hear the anthem “Hej Sloveni”, register yourself in the visitor’s book, and as a memory on your staying in the Consulate you can get a red passport with the symbols of SFRJ, which in the past used to appreciated very much.

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