Eco hotel “Carrubba” is located in a small Montenegrin town Donja Lastva, set amidst the picturesque surroundings of the Porto Montenegro and town of Tivat. Nestled in a 19th century building, the hotel was refurbished and fitted with advanced ‘green’ technologies, modern water treatment system and geothermal heating. Marble, wood and granite were used in refurbishing. The center of Tivat Town can be reached in 15 minutes on foot.

The hotel itself is housed in a historic building on the very coastline and boasts its own pier. The hotel’s building was constructed in the XIX century, and during Carrubba’s reconstruction the spirit of the old in the hotel’s 7 rooms, its halls and public spaces was carefully preserved. Today, Carrubba is a modern and cozy hotel providing the highest standard of service. Every room offers breathtaking views of the Tivat bay, and interiors are designed using natural materials like marble, wood, granite, and travertine.

The prefix “eco” is used for a good reason as well. Only modern “green” technology was used when the hotel was re-constructed: geothermal heating, solar panels, and a modern wastewater treatment system.

Hotel features a sauna and a restaurant that overlooks the sea. All rooms overlook the Tivat Bay. The on-site restaurant and bar serves Mediterranean specialties and offers a wide selection of wines.