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Budva History

The legend of the foundation of Budva
With the special attention Budva and people from Budva keep the mythical legend about the foundation of the town. BATHUA, BUTOBA, BUTUA – today Budva – hides its name behind the most famous authentic story about the foundation of the town from the time of the Stefan Byzantium from the VI century.

As it s written in the incites of the Filon from Bilbos from the II century A.D., the foundation of Budva is connected to the founder of the town Thebe, a mythical personality and the son of the Phoenician King Agemor – Kadma.
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Namely,  Kadmo and his wife Harmonija in their old ages were exiled from Thebe and on the ox driven vehicles they directed themselves to the land of the Enheleans – the eel people, (the oldest citizens in the area of Budva), where they have founded a new town BOUTHOE – Budva.

According to the legend, it is by the oxen that Budva got its name, (Bous – in Greek Ox), which brought the spouses Kadma and Harmonija, the former rulers of Thebe, in Budva. According to some other sources, Harmojia gave birth to the son of Illyrian.

Still, because of some murder that Kadmo committed in his youth, the punishment of Gods came onto him, so the spouses (Kadmo and Harmonija), according to the legend, were turned into snakes.


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