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Budva Nature

Budva is pounded by the warm Adriatic Sea. Budva Riviera encloses the surface of 122 m2.

Budva has 25 km of jagged shore. The climate in Budva is typically Mediterranean, which means that the winters are mild and the summers mostly dry and warm. Budva has 2.300 sunny hours per year.

In the sea aquatorium numerous animal and floral species live. We have green, black, and red alga. In the Budva aquatorium there are also numerous types of fishes: cipla (grey mullet (lat. Mugil cephalus)),  dentex (lat. Dentex dentex), bamboo fish (lat. Sarpa salpa), granper (lat. Scorpaena scrofa), gilthead fish (lat. Sparus aurata) and even amberjack (lat. Seriola dumerili).

Often, the inhabitants of the sea bottom are also octopuses, lobsters, squids, cuttlefish, mussels, stonefishes and finger like fish.

Budva doesn’t have extremely big temperature contrast, which makes it even more recommendable for tourists as an ideal place for rest. The swimming season begins on the 10th of May and lasts until the 8th of November.

Flora and fauna in Budva are similar to flora and fauna of all other coastal towns. In Budva there are palm trees, oleanders, mimosas… But also there are wild and domestic pomegranates, figs, oranges, mandarins, grapes and olive trees.

For Budva and its surrounding the raising of the very autochthonous fruit kind, which olive is, is very important. The care of olive trees lasts for centuries, and for a long time it is considered as a holy tree, as well as a tree of peace. How much it was respected in the past confirms the record that few centuries ago, especially in the Coast, a young man could not get married unless he plants 30 olive offsprings.

Along the Budva’s beaches you can fell the scent of pines and cypresses. The greenery and the color, along with the scents that come from the cypresses and pines from numerous parks in Budva, lurk numerous people who besides in swimming and the sea the enjoyment of summer vacation can experience by resting in hotel, city or forest parks. Such places are numerous, and you can find them almost in every step that you make.

Budva has also a rich fauna. In the parks you can often see squirrels, and in this area you can also see: weasel, otter, rabbit, marten, wild pig, fox even the stag with antlers, but also various kinds of birds: gulls, swallows, eagles, sparrows etc.

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