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Ethnographic Museum

The museum of the town Budva is situated in the very center of the Old town. Even though Budva is more than 2.5 millenniums old, it awaited for its museum in the last 20 years. Beside the antiques visitors are offered by the museum of the town with the exhibits that mark Budva from the creation of the town until nowadays.

Those are various items with Hellenic traits, various vases, jewelry, ornaments, tool, eating utensils, the items made of glass and clay, of unusual designs and shapes, silver dishes and many other items that have been waiting for years to be discovered and are now kept in the building of the museum in Budva. The items in the museum testify about both life and historical conditions of this part of the Mediterranean, with ethno genesis, which is made of pervasion of various cultures: Illyrian, Greek. Roman, Byzantine, Slovenian and others, as well as about the specific profile lead down to the art, archeology and ethnography of this area.

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