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At 12 kilometers north east from Pogorica there is a former fortified town of the Illyrian tribe Labeati – Medeon or Meteon. Erected in the III or IV century A.D Medun, as it is called today, grew into an important stand point and pre guard of the joined Illyrian tribes in the fight against the up coming roman conqueror.

The greatest strength and importance it had during the time of the Illyrian king – Gencijem during the middle century, and during the middle century, and the reign of the Turks, Medun survived as an important town. The very settlement is made of the lower town in in which one can feel extreme presence of the so – called Illyrian Cyclops building, which is dominated by the stone blocks, often longer than 2 meters. Upper town is more attached for the reign of the despot Djuradj Brankovic, in the middle of the XV century, after which it was taken over by the Turks, in 1467, making the final blow to the remains o the domain of the despot in Zeta. Stevan Crnojevic tried to get it back into the hand of the Montenegrins, but the strong Otoman army and the very architecture of the town, have made Medun an unconquerable fortress. In 1833 the already above mentioned Marko Miljanov Popovic was born here, one of the wisest Montenegrin leaders. In 1971. in here a museum of Marko Miljanov, who through his literary works gave a picture of fight and life of his tribe in Montenegro and Albania, was opened.

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