The deep respect towards Saint Basil of Ostrog can be seen by a large number of orthodox shrines that have been built in his honor. Besides the large number erected all around the world, locally the most renowned shrine has been build in Niksic, personally overseen by the Montenegro king Nicola. This shrine was build on a hill and is the dominant holy place for the residence of the town.

Besides this shrine, the residence of the Bjelopavlic valley raised a shrine on the mountain named Sinjajevina. King Nicola build another shrine in the town of Bar, the brotherhood of the Kovacevic family build a shrine in the area of Vilus. Among the other shrines build the most well known are located in Kumbor, Dobrota, Bileci, Prijepolje, Obzovici near Cetinje, Svcugi near Herceg Novi, and one exceptionally beautiful shrine and camp dedicated to Saint Basil in the United States.