Monastery Ostrog is situated on the cusp of the rich Bjelopavlic plain, carved high up in the cliffs, with easy access for visitors and an adventure one does not want to miss. It is located about 50 kilometers from the capitol of Montenegro, Podgorica and about 15 kilometer from the second largest town in Montenegro - Niksic. Since the two towns have a direct highway connection finding Ostrog is quick and simple.

Arriving via plane at the Podgorica airport, the distance from the airport to town is 10 kilometers and from there the drive to Ostrog is about 50 minutes. Arriving via plane at the Tivat airport, the old road from the nearby town of Risan goes directly to Niksic which is shorter then traveling thru the towns of Budva, Cetinje or Podgorica. Driving from Belgrade (Serbia) would go thru Podgorica , and driving from Sarajevo(Bosnia) or Dubrovnik (Croatia) would go thru Niksic. Good road conditions and links to major cities are another reason that visits to the monastery increase rapidly year after year.

Traveling to and from the monastery the rich Bjelopavlic plain greats the traveler, thru with one of the largest Montenegro river Zeta quietly flows. Breathtaking natural landscapes surrounded by the sight and sound of the waterfall Perucice seem to enlarge the wild vigor of the tamed stone and water. The unusual tranquil feeling experienced thru the plain is soon replaced by the holy peace of the Ostrog cliffs, that for many centuries preserve the myths, legends, miracles and stories of freedom of people large and small that have traveled to them. Thru the centuries, in the Ostrog region, in these unbelievable and unreal natural landscapes of Montenegro, the country was conceived in periods of peace and thru periods of hoping for freedom. Poets, writers, statesman, as well as just regular folks traveled to see this mystic, unique part of Montenegro.

The Upper monastery of Ostrog gives the traveler a feeling of standing on a balcony that allows you to view all of Montenegro. The valley of the river Zeta is lined with patches of forest, and in the warm months of the year with blooming orchards and fields planted with a variety of produce.

The monastery is located 900 meters above sea level, so during the winter months the road to it is a challenge even for the most experienced travelers. Nevertheless, true believers are still arriving in greater and greater numbers even during this time of the year. Even thou the best way to visit the monastery is to walk from the Podgorica highway thru the village of Bogetic towards the Upper and Lower monastery, vehicle transportation in form of taxis or rented caravans is always available from Niksic directly to the gates.