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Tivat Recreation

As Tivat is abundant in green areas, that fact even more recommends it as an ideal place for rest and vacation of tourists. From the end of the XIX century when Tivat began to be formed like a town, until today it developed into a beautiful, well designed little town with an interesting shore and a lot of vegetation. It should be pointed out that in Tivat for centuries there is a tradition of planting trees, growing gardens, and in that way almost every part of the town is very pleasant for walk and rest.

If you are a fun of the open spaces, and walking or mountain climbing is your hobby, we are sure that you will gladly visit Tivat villages, which just as their cheerful local people still live.  We are convinced that you will be especially dazzled with the sight of typical coastal village and the way of life of its inhabitants. In the villages around Tivat, except for the smaller number of people who stay only for the weekend, mostly you can meet native people. Heads of the households in Tivat villages like: Gornja Lastva, Krasici, Radovici, Bigovo… will await you in a traditionally welcoming way, no matter whether they speak your language or not.

Whether you’re their guest for the first time, or if you are an unexpected guest, or just someone who came to Tivat villages just out of curiosity, they will invite you in the house, and treat you with a homemade brandy, vine and traditional Montenegrin food. Often, their hospitality, heads of the households in Tivat will show you also by inviting you to be the guest of their house, no matter the fact that they have maybe just met you. That however, shouldn’t surprise you, because that is a part of the Montenegrin tradition and culture.

Old houses, coastal architecture, fresh air, intact nature, green meadows covered with various colorful flowers, can also be one of the reasons of your visit to Tivat villages. When asking a question how to reach those villages, you won’t wait too long for the answer! The simplest way to find out that is to ask around in the Tourist organization of Tivat, in tourist agencies or with the citizens of Tivat.

Nice and warm summer days are surely best for sunbathing and swimming at some of the 17 Tivat beaches. However, when you’re spending your summer vacation in a town on the sea, which kind of recreation is counted into every day recreation and it shouldn’t be specially emphasized. Tivat is also suitable for water sports. If beside swimming and paddling, you wish to recreate in some other way, we suggest professional diving. For that kind of sport, Tivat bay is most suitable; especially cove Przno, that is, Plavi horizonti. Beside the clean seawater, azure blue color, the mentioned places represent attractive diving locations on which professional diver have been finding shipwrecks. Here also the underwater world is great for researches. If you wish to go individually to dive and research underwater world of Tivat, the possibility of renting and servicing of the entire diving equipment is offered to you by several diving clubs in town. Also, in the lodgment Rose, close to Tivat, every summer a diving camp is organized. Some other advantages have made Tivat recognizable sports – tourist town. As the most important reason to visit Tivat we should emphasis the possibility of quick arrival from the airport (2 km away from Tivat) to the desired hotel in the center of the town. Extremely favorable climate conditions as well as the great number of sports terrains are also reasons because of which Tivat today is considered to be a very suitable place for development of sports tourism and recreation. If a part of your vacation that you plan to spend in Tivat, you wish to dedicate to sports activities, the possibilities are numerous. In Tivat there are: football, basketball, handball, tennis, water pool, diving club as well as chess club, fishing club and sailing club.

Beside the mentioned ones, we should add that in Tivat there are extremely great conditions, that is, halls for bowling and table tennis, but also there are clubs for underwater and sports fishing. Still the best confirmation that Tivat is a town of sport and recreation is the fact that in Tivat hotels over the entire year, there are numerous domestic and foreign sports teams staying.

For those who imagine recreation in another way, we suggest easy afternoon strolls down the Tivat Riviera or the rest on the benches in Tivat`s green park.

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