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In whatever coastal town you stay, during the hot summer days the best recommendation is swimming and sunbathing on the beaches or in the swimming pools. Even though among more and more demanding tourists, such type of recreation can not be counted in the special kind of vacation, that is still the best and the most typical way to spend your vacation. However, the rest that means staying on the beach, swimming, and sunbathing, can not be always and completely fulfilled, so the time that you plan on spending on the sea, you could assign to some other activities which will make your vacation more beautiful, more interesting and different that the previous one.

In Tivat there are numerous places, which should be visited. Except the everyday tours of town, suburb and other island beaches, which there are 17 in Tivat, very easy and very quickly you can go from Tivat to some other destination or go to some other coastal town. If you have the wish to visit the famous bay of Boka Kotorska, or to cruise through that part of the Montenegrin coast, you can do that very simply. The best solution is to go to the city harbor, where tourist barges and boast wait for tourists that crave for cruising and trips and drive them to the desired destinations. Those are usually one-day trips, which often include visits to the Tivat island Prevlaka (Coating), or Ostrvo cvijeca, and Island Sveti Marko (previously known by the “Club Mediteranee“).

Also, the trips can be continued in the direction towards the Kotor islands Gospa od (Of) Skrpjela or Sveti Djordje, and vacation area Zanjice, close to Herceg Novi. Often, with the agreement made with the owner of the boat, you can organize a trip to Kotor. On the disembarking in the Kotor harbor you can plan a visit to the ancient town of Kotor, its numerous baroque palaces, squares or markets.

If you do not want to go towards Herceg Novi or Kotor, the trips with the barge or a boat to Budva, Bar, or Ulcinj are also interesting. The majority of those trips mean also visits and the rest on beautiful beaches. There are also possibilities of organizing trips, which include longer staying in the old coastal towns and visits of their cultural – historical monuments.

Except by the boat, you can go and visit some other coastal town and stay one or several days in it. Such trips are usually organized by the owners of taxi vans, or buses and they include the visit of a very important cultural center of Montenegro – Cetinje, monastery Ostrog, Skadar Lake, River Tara and other well known places in the south or in the interior of Montenegro.

If you do not want to put any effort during your vacation, or you simply want to spend your vacation in Tivat, we recommend that you drive yourself by taxi or your own car to some other place close to Tivat. We are sure that the visit to a small fishing village Bigovo, 8 km away from Tivat towards Kotor will be very interesting for you. In Bigovo even today the fish is caught in the old fashioned way, but also in a modern way. Even though in the last 10 years Bigovo became interesting because of the growing of mussels, old people from Bigovo still use nets, and lanterns. To the lovers of the nature as well as to the all other tourists, the surrounding of Tivat is very interesting. It attracts with its colorfulness, green areas, well-arranged yards, old stone houses, as well as with olive groves and mini – parks. Also, every day walks in Tivat and its surrounding in the evening can appear interesting to you. In Tivat there are many other places, which we are sure you will visit with pleasure, and which you will gladly remember.

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